#1 2020-06-12 01:25:11

Too soon, my friend 😢 You did a good thing here 👍 Enjoy all the fish ☮️



#2 2020-07-07 23:25:50

Thanks very much for posting, Dave.  This was indeed a sad and untimely piece of news.  I have never been to Wareham, but it was clearly a place Bill loved and fought for tirelessly.  I always thought I would drop by and visit him sometime when I was in that part of the country, but sadly it never worked out.  Maybe once the COVID-19 situation relaxes, I'll come up and finally see it in person.

There is a memorial topic over on sister forum High Street with a few photos and people's comments that you may enjoy visiting.

In the past I had helped Bill manage the site, and am working on the path forward.  Since this forum has been largely inactive for the past few years, I will likely put it into read-only mode but I do want to keep it up and readable.  Because I do not have access to the "warehamwater.com" domain name, the URL will have to change once it expires - I will give as much notice as I can of this.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this forum and helped Bill hold the feet of the powerful to the fire.  I know he appreciated it.

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#3 2020-07-31 20:08:01

I received the following from a formerly active participant:

danoconnell wrote:

Bill Whitehouse was one of a kind. A community watch dog. A man devoted to Wareham. A man of integrity. A man of complete loyalty. A visionary. An activist. Unique is far from a perfect word to describe him. He was sad the last few years but always found a way to reach down and grab 'em and make some politician or Makepeace sweat.

His site elected a Selectman a few years ago. I will miss him. He always made me laugh. My condolences to you all that loved, followed and admired him.

Rest In Peace, my brother.

You fought the good fight.

Best wishes to you all. I think of you often.



#4 2020-08-30 20:02:31

News on this site: new user registrations have been disabled and all forums have been set to read-only mode, so you can no longer post or edit old posts.  The existing content will continue to be available.  Once the warehamwater.com domain name expires (around December 5), you will need to use https://warehamwater.cruelery.com/ to access the site, so please update your links and bookmarks.

Please use the e-mail link at the bottom of the page if you need to get in touch, thanks.



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