#1 2014-05-27 08:36:35

when are over a dozen motels in wareham full of welfare children that the state has dumped in wareham . from foster kids to troubled kids. the state pays for there houding but they dont pay for there education . the leaders in wareham want you to pay for there education in the form of an over ride. the over ride will efect about 44 % of warehams population the workers  or the if  you own a home. you can be on social security  ,your spouse has died. and you have to pay your taxes and now the leaders of wareham save mr holmes want you to pay more on your taxes to educate the troubled kids from brocton and other places and if you dont vote for the over ride your punisment will be the loss of the library and the coucil on ageing.  i say  vote against the over ride and if they close the library then sent these clowns on there way in the next election. wareham wants to take care of there own but not the troubled kids of brocton .  i say there  are at least 500 of these welfare kids in wareham and it takes at least 10 k to educate these kids that 5 million dollars that we dont have to keep our library open . , and we dont need an over ride. half of the chilldren in warehams schools get reduced school lunches.



#2 2014-05-27 08:45:39

i have heard of a women who hes 10 kids ,yes thats 10 kids i guess she screws her broins out every day. the stete is paying for a brnd new house for her and food stamps and mass health . but guess what all 10 of her kids  are going to warehams school costing the wareham tax payer over 100 k to educate her kids. also we have to feed these louts at the school lunch prigram blowing this prrogram out of the water and now they wnant to fire all the lunch ladys. and out source there jobs because of leg spreader salley  and guess what we have to buss her kids. i am damm well against the over ride and i ask all those that feel that they are getting screwed on paying taxes to vote against the over ride.    the state raised the sales taxes , the gasoline taxes  and now they want to take your money again in wareham. screw these dogooders once and for all.



#3 2014-05-27 08:49:32

also rember the town raised taxes on the food you eat out at the local restaurants  ,i am mas as hell and i am not going to take it anymore ,repeat this saying when you go to the polls on june 17 ,i am mad as hell and i am not ging to take it any more, vote no on the over ride.



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