#1 2014-05-11 09:11:46

steve holmes it is reported is against the over ride and will vote against it. he also thinks that wareham should not be in the school busing business  as do i. the special interests in wareham dont want to cut anything . all they want is more and more. the school dept does  not want to get out of the school busing business so they put out bids that will see to it that they our cheaper than going out to bid. they use schoool busing as a slush fund. they say teachers  will be cut   but they hire a publicity director . last year they hired a business manager they used to call the the job asst. supeindendent. the voters are aware of the games that our town leaders play and that is why the over ride will fail.        our town leaders talk about stremlining goverment but nothing is done about it.       steve holmes deserves a profiles in courage awared for him coming out against the over ride. what we need is streamlining of our govement . foe examlpe the school dept has more janitors per square foot than the town has  and they pay them more than the town janitors.keep the library open and close the spining library  for example.         when the over ride fails we will be out 16 thousand dollars .



#2 2014-05-11 09:21:32

two peop[le that the town does not need as voulenteers is bounie cotuiee and marylyn donahue ,what i say is there finacial expertise . do they have acounting expertise ,or banking expertise . do they have an economics degree . the answer is know.  bonniee n was a nurse. what the heck does that help in deciding our finacial issues.  all they want to do is spend more of the taxpayers money.      when the over ride fails and there views are rejected by the town leaders  they should do wareham a favor and reign.    also   the female  selectmen who was a teacher on the school commitee and does there bidding dhould reign also who needs her and her views.



#3 2014-05-12 06:50:59

i think that marlyn donahue  by putting up signs and adds and bloging on the blogs for the over ride is unethical. she should be neutral because of her position ,she needs to resign.



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