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Karl Baptiste, a twice fired and indicted Wareham Police Officer with over 21 Internal Affairs complaints to his name, was appointed Juv School Officer today by Wareham Interim Police Chief Stanley. The last 7 internal affairs complaints of Officer Baptiste's checkered career were filed during Stanley's brief tenure.

billw on 2007-10-24 wrote:

Chief [Joyce] pulled an abrupt u-turn when we neared the end of downtown and swung wide behind the Hess gas station. Officer Karl Baptiste, after fighting the department for his job for years, was escaping the drizzle, and his traffic detail, in the comfort of his car. Baptiste was reissued a weapon last summer after meeting the department's retraining standards. Joyce cell phone dispatched someone to rouse him.



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Well written story...how refreshing.



#3 2011-03-23 00:42:23

I hope the young girls he "has issues with" will report him to the State Police and not be intimidated by him.  Wrong spot for this guy.  They pulled Mary Walker out of the school when "chiefy" found out about the budget cuts so there would be one more person on the force to cut overtime.  He said "ABSOLUTELY NO OVERTIME".  Well, that lasted less than a week.



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Karl Baptiste at arraignment, in an undated image.

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