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Since assuming part-time command as Wareham Police Chief three years ago, Richard Stanley has never complied with Civil Service requirements that he reside within 10 miles of town. Stanley has instead colluded with current and former Selectmen - and at least two current Wareham Police Department employees - in making false residency claims and attempting to cover up those lies.

Public Information Requests to examine the Police Department's gas pump data and confirm or debunk assertions Mr. Stanley lives nearby were met with.... 

Stephen Rogers (stephen_rogers@warehampolice.com) on 07/11/12 wrote:

Unfortunately, the system we have is old and falling apart. The company that supported it has gone out of business, and given the financial situation and [...]

One of the pumps stopped recording some time ago, and the other is flaky. The receipt printer is long dead. The pc that runs the software is limping along but has suffered numerous hardware errors.

If the Scully Gas System is at all like the systems I've designed and written myself, client data is regularly backed up offsite. Two Wareham police officers tell me the Scully system was recently upgraded.

Chief Stanely's 2011 Ford Taurus Meineke maintenance records the following mileage:

Date - Mileage - Monthly Total

2012-06-18 49378   May 6245
2012-05-02 43133   Apr 4227
2012-04-02 38906   Feb 2906
2012-02-23 36000   Jan 8510
2012-01-20 27490   Dec 5717
2011-12-15 21773   Nov 4277
2011-11-10 17496   Oct 5856
2011-10-04 11640   Sep 3954
2011-09-08   7686   Aug 3860
2011-08-17   3826

The busiest Wareham cruisers, I'm told, don't clock mileage that high. Chief Stanley doesn't patrol the town's streets along with his officers, as have former chiefs. March and February 2012 numbers above correspond to the only two months Stanley lived anywhere near here, or more precisely, in Fairhaven, MA.

The previous -16- months of requested service records, and -all- cruiser sheets, were withheld. No reason was provided.

The Civil Service Commission on 2012-07-30 wrote:

The Commission received documentation [in camera] from Wareham that provided information about Chief Stanley's [alleged] current residential address. The Commission has a long-standing policy to maintain the residential address of active law enforcement
personnel in confidence, on request, for security reasons.

When this subject surfaced at July 13th's Civil Service "Pre-Hearing" during a bench conference to which I was not admitted, I told those assembled I already knew where Chief Stanley alleged he was living and if the Commission wished me to withhold that information, they need only ask. The Commissioner didn't ask and neither did Stanley's two Town financed attorneys. No one did. So here it is.

[Click Images To Enlarge.]

https://warehamwater.cruelery.com/img/2012-07-08.Richard.Stanley.-.65.Bridges.Lane.-.North.Andover.MA-sm.jpg https://warehamwater.cruelery.com/img/2012-05-06.-.24.Nelson.Ave.-.Fairhaven.MA.-.Benard.Ristuccia.-.104.Abbott.St.-.Andover.MA-sm.jpg https://warehamwater.cruelery.com/img/2012-07-31.cassidy.property.stanley.allegedly.inhabits-sm.jpg

https://warehamwater.cruelery.com/img/richard.stanley.2010-06-08-Tue-7-51-12-pm.sm.jpg https://warehamwater.cruelery.com/img/2012.-.cassandra.cassidy.-.wareham.pd.sm.jpg https://warehamwater.cruelery.com/img/holmes_andrews.2010-06-08-Tue-7-52-40-pm.sm.jpg

Stanley, who commutes 165 miles every work day, has refused to provide proof he logs anything close to a 40 hour work week. The police officers I interviewed for this story describe him as a ceremonial chief, an "all hat, no cattle" patronage hack, and a man who only rewards blind loyalty.

Town Meeting attendees may recall it was Chief Stanley who current Selectman Alan Slavin trotted before voters during Charter Review proceedings in 2010, and urged the town to scrap Civil Service review of the police department's hiring practices.

The "detached" apartment Stanley now claims he is renting from his Administrative Assistant Cassandra Cassidy (see above) is in Rochester, MA. This, on its face, is a Massachusetts State Ethics Violation. Stanley directly supervises and authorizes Cassidy's wage increases, vacation, and overtime.

Wareham Town Report and Public Information Requested wage and compensation listings for Richard Stanley...

2011:   $107,942.54
2012:   $173,613.31

...and his Administrative Assistant, Cassandra Cassidy:

2008:   $50,341.21
2009:   $51,300.09
2010:   $51,641.71
2011:   $67,373.38
2012:   $61,192.51

NOTE: Richard Stanley's wages were OMITTED from the Town Report prior to 2011.

The level of hide and go cheat here is shameless.

Here's Steve Holmes - Chairman of the Board of Selectmen and a man who never fails to introduce the Chief as, "My good friend, Rick Stanley," - lauding Chief Stanley on behalf of -all- our current Selectmen.

Please, don't neglect to vote next April.

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You are the man, Bill.....Stanley as a nice home where he lives, huh?



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danoconnell wrote:

You are the man, Bill.....Stanley as a nice home where he lives, huh?

I kinna like it here. Breathtaking, isn't it?


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Dave DiPietro on 2011-04-17 00:22: wrote:

Here are some of the comments from the links (above) to the Eagle-Tribune Articles.

Stanley Signs Contract

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Bill thank you for all your hard work. I am hoping that now that this information is posted for all to see the higher ups will find it more difficult to ignore the situation. Bill is Cassandra’s increase a pay increase or an increase because of overtime?

If she received a $16,000 raise when the rest of town was struggling to keep their heads above water then SHAME ON STANLEY and SHAME ON ANDREWS, SHAME ON HER for taking money that looks like a payoff.

EVERY dept should have a line by line budget for all to see at least a month before Town Meeting. I mean everything how much they pay for supplies etc. This information should be made available online so everyone knows what town money is being spent on. The budgets should show any increase or decrease from one year to the next
Bill I love love love the pictures you take of Wareham. In the next to last picture what are the two roads shown in the picture.



#6 2012-08-13 15:17:53

nevermind I figured it out, thanks for the pictures Bill.



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New allegations directed at Chief Stanley surfaced recently, notably from town employees outside the Police Department.

An eagle eyed public servant noticed Stanley last Saturday - making a rare Wareham weekend visit for the Onset Cape Verdean Festival - pumping gas from the department's metered tank into his personal vehicle.

Administrative Assistant Cassandra Cassidy (see above) received pay for 11 sick days she isn't entitled to claim.

Finally, someone posting a Wareham Week comment Wednesday described a by now common Stanley 'Roid Rage incident, this one berating his Detective Division for the amusement of visiting dignitaries from State Police.

Town Administrator
Bldg Inspector
Council On Aging
Crime Watch
Sewer Commissioners
Town Clerk
Town Library
Health Department

A quick scan of this site's front page reveals the Wareham Police Department joins a long list of Wareham's recent traumas but law enforcement matters more than most. Police Chiefs I've contacted  in surrounding communities think Richard Stanley is a bad joke and "Mutual Aid", a fading memory. That's a dangerous way to live.

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If  The  Gas Pumps Dont Work , Then I Guess Any Body Can Fill Up There Gas Tanks., Besides The Police Cars Aint America Great, And Wareham Wants Me To Vote For An Over Ride ,,hell Wareham  Cant Even Manage The Money Thay Have .



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I'm less than thrilled but MA Civil Service has finally responded.


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Obviously, they don't give a shit about you or the Town. Their client, in actuality, is the Chief.



#11 2012-09-21 17:20:44

The Civil Service response posted by Bill raises many questions.

Items 8-11 in the Findings of Facts shall be addessed separately.

But, let's look at the 10-mile rule, Item 12.

They state that the rule is 10 miles "within the Town of Wareham". It appears that Stanley has declared residence in Fairhaven. As one who went back & forth between Wareham & Fairhaven many times, it seemed unlikely that cheifikins met this standard. Then, upon checking the location of Nelson Avenue on Sconicut Neck, it seemed impossible.

A Google check showed a distance of 18+ miles (a small variance between using I-195 or Route 6) between the Wareham police station and 24 Nelson on Sconicut Neck in Fairhaven. But, the response mentioned a distance from the BOUNDARY of Wareham to the "premises". So, take a few miles from the 18+ to get to the bridge on Route 6 over the Weweantic River, and you are still well over 10 miles, right?

Out comes my map of the South Coast, along with my (scaled) ruler. Can you believe it? From the west coast of Sconicut Neck to the Weweantic River is less than 10 miles, as the seagull flies. Forget that old crow. No doubt the use of sophisticated MassGIS data confirmed my very crude methodolgy.

Meanwhile, I am still curious about Item 12 in the Findings of Fact  in the report: "...the new premises rented by Chief Stanley is (sic) located in a Town which shares a border with Wareham..."    WHAT ???????????? Please, someone show me the border shared by Wareham &  Fairhaven. Don't look too hard, now. Lessee: the Towns of Dana , Enfield, Greenwich & Prescott disappeared to create the Quabbin Reservoir; did Marion & Mattapoisett follow suit to ratify the Stanley slimearound?

Hmmm. the word "Rented"    more to come..........



#12 2012-09-21 17:58:39

one more thing re: Item 12. It states that the premises are less than 10 miles from the Wareham Police station.  That's a big NFW. very odd.



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Items 8-11 in the Findings of Fact.

I read these with a growing sense of disbelief and incredulity. To wit: could Stanley et al have presented these facts in a public hearing? Let's review, from my perspective, remembering that I am Not a lawyer.

1. 24 Nelson Ave., Fairhaven. Owner Bernard Ristuccia. Bought: 2009 for $735,000.
   This a non-descript WATERFRONT dwelling on the west shore of Sconticut Neck in Fairhaven.

2. Ristuccia is Drum Hill Motors, a large Ford dealership in ANDOVER, ma.

3. July, 2011, Stanley occupied these premises, paying NO RENT !!!!!!!

4. May 31, 2012, Stanley establishes domicile including voter registration & RMV notification at 24 Nelson Ave. Or did he?

5. July 2, 2012, Stanley establishes domicile including voter registration & RMV notifcation at 24 nelson Ave. Redundant?

So here's the question: Why did a prominent businessman from the Town of Andover permit the recently former police chief of the Town of Andover to live in a waterfront property without paying rent? What is the proper rent level for a property worth well north of one-half million dollars? (assuning some value erosion after acquistion). Isn't  allowing someone to occupy waterfront property rent-free during the summer months a substantial gift?

Does this situation trigger a response from the State Ethics Commission?



#14 2012-09-21 19:10:35

One more thing....

On June 25, 2012, Stanley "entered into a written lease for the new premises" as a tenant at will. Whoa! Nellie! This is oxymoron country. A tenant-at-will does NOT have a lease, by definition. So what did the writer mean to say?

On July 2, 2012, the property owner received a variance from the Town of  Fairhaven to "tear down the structure and reconstruct (sic) a new dwelling on the property."

So. Sometime after July 2, one presumes, the existing dwelling was/would be demolished. This would be followed by site clean-up and the construction of a new dwelling. There are lots of unanswered questions, such as site approval by the appropriate board and the timing therof.

Meanwhile, what of the intrepid chief? Whither thou goest? Wareham? Rochester? Andover?

This scheme invites a host of questions. But this scheme seems consistent with Stanley's approach to things. Manipulate all, to the benefit of me-me-me.



#15 2012-09-22 15:16:31

Nice to hear from you, Stewie. Your insight has always been invaluable.

Say hello to the better half for me.



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#18 2012-10-09 15:20:08

Great minds do think alike, William.....



#19 2013-08-26 18:48:25

Figures......never let the facts get in the way of a good story. There is no Drum Hill Ford Dealership in Andover, Mass



#20 2013-08-27 10:05:41

What a nit picking fool....Drum Hill Ford is in Lowell..................do you really think that the small error of saying Andover instead of Lowell has any effect on this story.  The answer is a resounding NO.

Go away stanleyally...........return to you corrupt ways and go play golf with the Southern Comfort Man.  It really is more your style than trying to defend him.  Don't go away mad, just go away !!!!!!



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