#1 2011-03-18 18:16:21

Click pics twice to zoom in

A couple of the final documents aren't great copies..I'll try and get better ones posted asap..


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#2 2011-03-18 18:25:34

Dave IS the man!!



#3 2011-03-18 19:37:37

Thank you, DD.  Every truth blogger owes you a beer.  FINALLY the truth comes out!



#4 2011-03-18 19:58:35

Providence Journal wrote:

In 1994, the Massachusetts Department of revenue had taken control of Wareham’s assessing office, the only such takeover of which DOR officials say they are aware.

Things like this are stuff the relatively new to town tin hats either don't know or don't want to know about their buddies.

Read on to see how the article says he was conducting private and campaign business with assessor office resources.

Didn't Jane say the computer audit was all about catching people conducting private business on town resources? 

And they wonder why they're called the Hypocrite Elite?

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#5 2011-03-18 20:05:57

Dave These Are Great , Any Copies Avaible Fromthe Earley   Ninities  About Warehams Fiasco With Curley In The Wareham Courier Or The Standard Times.



#6 2011-03-18 20:07:02

I Think The Old Copies Are Availble On Micro Filmfrom The Wareham Courier.



#7 2011-03-18 20:34:15

redrobin wrote:

Dave These Are Great , Any Copies Avaible Fromthe Earley   Ninities  About Warehams Fiasco With Curley In The Wareham Courier Or The Standard Times.

Yes and never mind the microfiche. The Providence Journal's digital archives date to the late 80s but as I recall, access was limited to in-house staff and subscribers with deep pockets. I'll look into and let you know.



#8 2011-03-18 21:43:40

Providence Journal wrote:
In 1994, the Massachusetts Department of revenue had taken control of Wareham’s assessing office, the only such takeover of which DOR officials say they are aware

If memory serves this old man, I believe the DOR took over the Somerville assessors' office in the 1970's. there. doesn't that make you feel better, that the DOR takeover equates Wareham with the home of the Winter Hill Gang - that would be Whitey Bulger et al. He wouldn't be hiding out in Wareham, would he? Perhaps Whitey & brother Billy are election consultants to the Bee Jays. Naw

And by 'takeover", they mean to say that DOR personnel were in the assessors' office. working elbow to elbow with the staff. An absolute humiliation for most folks. Curly? doubtful.

the citizens/taxpayers/voters of the town need to raise a stink about this. Remember the library director from Brooklyn - the disbarred attorney? Same deal now. Silence is golden? yeah, if you are curly.

I'm glad that Guy picked up on the Curly use of Swansea Town computers & phones for personal use. Wonder if Swansea did a computer audit? And Jane sat quiet during all of this, when she should have recused herself due to her husband's inability to stay within ethical bounds. Double standard,  eh Jane?

All the more reasons to vote down the current versions of the Bee Jays.



#9 2011-03-19 08:40:14

"Wareham taxpayers were overtaxed by $1.3 million."

How do these people ever criticize anyone else?



#10 2011-03-19 12:41:17

Yeah Jane should have been wondering what's on her husbands computers instead of the town. Hypocrite elite



#11 2011-03-19 18:42:46

Dave-I can not thank you enough for posting those articles.  I had no idea that Donahue's incompetence went so far back and was not just in Wareham!!!   He clearly lacks professionalism and any sense of a work ethic.  I understand making mistakes.  But when they are repeated, the pattern (of incompetence) becomes clear, I would think that electing him to any office (to include running a lemonade stand) would be met with a resounding NO!  I also found it interesting that a co worker of John Donahues filed a complaint that was proven credible yet SHE was moved from the office.  Hmmm....

The irony of wanting a town wide computer audit involving any of the Donahue's would be laughable if it was just a joke.  Maybe Jane asked John what patterns to look for?  Hmmmm...again.....

Mr. Donahue, you have numerous times stated you do not believe in Town Meeting, why, oh why, would you run again?  Ahhh, the answer is clear, you just want the limelight in any manner.  You want the title, without having to do the work. 

Quite interesting that non of the Hypocrite Elite will mention any of this about their friend John.  Why would that be?  It doesn't fit into their agenda!



#12 2011-03-20 03:21:49

realestatelawyers.com, 2004-10-18,  wrote:

The Massachusetts Board of Registration of Real Estate Appraisers has entered into a consent agreement with real estate appraiser John T. Donahue. Effective Oct. 3, 2003, Donahue’s license was placed on probation for a period of one year for making an inaccurate valuation of a real estate property, a violation of the rules and regulations of the Board.

Plenty more 'John Donahue, Train Wreck' here. Scroll down...

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#13 2011-03-20 07:39:58

People have been aware of Curly's "checkered" past for a long while. Here is a letter to the editor of the Standard-Times, from 2002. The writer should be familiar to all.

Voters must hold John Donahue accountable
October 10, 2002 12:00 AM
John Donahue, candidate for state representative in the 2nd Plymouth District, is calling for a "Clean Campaign" pledge. What he is really saying is that he doesn't want to talk about the assessing debacle that he was involved in more than a decade ago.
He doesn't want you to know that during his tenure as an elected assessor, Wareham had to borrow millions of dollars, or that the town's bond rating dropped due to his costly errors, or that our stabilization account was wiped out to keep the town afloat.
He doesn't want to discuss the fact that the Massachusetts Department of Revenue came to Wareham to audit his books and the errors they found included overcharging the taxpayers by raising the town's levy limit outside of Proposition 2?, and led to late tax bills when the DOR rejected his calculations twice.
Mr. Donahue comes across as a noble soul, calling for a clean campaign, but if you read between the lines, he is actually saying that anyone who tries to hold him accountable for his actions is playing "dirty politics" and is accused of "political mudslinging."
I believe that a candidate who touts his record should be willing to discuss that record. Anything less is, in my opinion, dirty politics.



#14 2011-03-20 09:47:53



Enough dysfunction.

PS.  I think M Andrews should be shown the door, regardless.

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#15 2011-03-20 10:12:12

Remember when Jane said the computer audit was to catch town employees conducting private business on town time?

$60,000 plus for that audit and not one person was caught conducting private business on town time. 

Why didn't she just ask the Providence Journal to look into it?  They caught her husband conducting private business on Swansea's time for free:

Providence Journal wrote:

A review of telephone records by The Journal showed that someone also used a town-owned telephone to call the homes or offices of people who made contributions to Donahue’s legislative campaign during this period.  The fax machine was used to send papers, including a candidate’s questionaire, to political interest groups such as the AFL-CIO.


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#16 2011-03-20 10:13:44

Providence Journal wrote:

Through winter, spring and summer 2002, Donahue was out of the office quite often, according to clerks.

One clerk, Lynne Macedo, said Donahue told her on numerous occasions that he planned on being absent because he needed to visit the dentist or attend a funeral.  She was amused.

“He would say on Monday, ‘I think I’m going to have a funeral on Friday,’”  Macedo recalled.

And on days when Donahue was at Town Hall, he spent a lot of his time out on the front steps, talking on his private cell phone, she said.



#17 2011-03-20 10:57:11

when he was the assesor in wareham he was on the  golf course every dayand at nite jayne woulld go to his office every nite and turn the lites on and come back latter at nite to turn  them  off , so as people would drive by people would think he was working hard at nite burning the mid nite oil,   what was in the providence journal pales in what was in the papers  at that time concerning this nastey person.



#18 2011-03-20 12:38:17

Greenhornet  -  I have heard that "lights on - nobody's home" many times, including from people who were there, 'back in the day'.

Here's another one, told to me by one who was there.

In the midst of all the consternation about Curly & the assessors' office, the Wareham dudes were required to travel to Boston to meet with the Commish of the DOR, Leslie Kirwan. Now this in itself is very unusual, as the assessors normally deal with the DOR field reps, various Bureau chiefs, and other staff.

Commissioner Kirwan and other DOR types, along with the Wareham gang, were in a conference room  -  waiting for one person who was late. Guess who? guess who was keeping the COMMISSIONER OF THE DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE waiting? You probably don't need any hints.

Well, in walks himself. He proceeds to make a big show of getting a place at the table, arranging his briefcase just so, when Riiiinnnggg! His cell phone goes off in the briefcase. (Remember, this is nearly 20 years ago, the phones were much bulkier then).

Out of the room he goes. Leaving the COMMISSIONER and everyone else to wait while he takes a call.

No one is more important than John-boy, the curly one. Just ask him.

Of course, the town of Wareham has been on the DOR's watch list ever since the Curly administration. No wonder.



#19 2011-03-20 12:42:19

to quote George Santayana:

"those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it...."



#20 2011-03-20 13:20:34

Anyone else have a problem referring to this moron as Curly, even if this is his Last Hurrah, ha-ha? The comparison to James Michael Curley isn't fitting.


Every voter needs a one page summary of John Donahue's Public Service before they enter the polls again.

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#21 2011-03-20 14:05:59

BillW   -  old couplet, updated.

vote often and early
for James Michael Curly

won't Wareham be surly
if Andrews appoints curly



#22 2011-03-20 21:31:05

If you want a good laugh, in light of these articles posted by Dave, go back and re-read Bobo's library lie column aka "The Great Photocopier Nickel Caper That Never Happened"

In it, he claims that his position was eliminated from MPG after he went to bat for John Donahue because he didn't think it was fair that Donahue's past had been brought up in a news story.

Bobo, if that's the story that you want to go with, that you gave up your career in journalism to stand up for someone who overtaxed Wareham taxpayers to the tune of $1.3 million dollars, whose office had to be taken over by the Mass DOR, who got a second chance in Swansea and screwed that up to and used his office there to run his state rep campaign, then by all means, go with that story.

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#23 2011-03-22 09:41:40

Providence Journal wrote:

Theodora Gabriel will fill the position left by John Donahue, who resigned last month amid local and state criticism.

* * *

SWANSEA - Almost a month after the paid assessor resigned under allegations of misconduct, the town has hired one of Mattapoisett's town assessors to fill the position.

The Board of Assessors voted to hire Theodora Gabriel, of Swansea, Wednesday night, after interviewing four candidates for the position.

"We found she was the most capable of doing the job," Harold Higgins, the chairman of the Board of Assessors, said. "We needed someone who could come right in and do the job.

Gabriel will fill the position former assessor John Donahue left in August. Donahue's three-year tenure was marked by criticism from town and state officials, including a July Department of Revenue report that found Donahue's office "seriously behind" in a mandatory property revaluation.

In March, a Providence Journal investigation showed that Donahue's office cost the town an estimated $53,000 because 23 of the newest houses had not been assessed to their full value. Almost $4 million worth of new construction didn't make it onto the 2002-03 tax rolls, according to the investigation.

Gabriel has worked as a paid assessor in Mattapoisett in since 2000, Higgins said. She ran an unsuccessful campaign in 2002 for a seat on the Swansea Board of Assessors.

Before that, Gabriel worked in the Somerset assessor's office from 1994 to 2000.

"She's extremely qualified," Higgins said. "The people who I've told about this have been exuberant."

Gabriel has given notice in Mattapoisett, Higgins said, and she'll begin working for Swansea in four weeks.

When she arrives in Swansea, she'll have plenty of work ahead of her, Higgins said. For months, town officials have been noting that the assessor's office is understaffed and has a backlog of work that needs completing.

"There's lot of correcting, a lot of work that has to be brought up-to-date," Higgins said.

Higgins did not comment on Gabriel's salary or contract. Donahue made $48,000 per year and held the assessor's position for more than three years without a contract.

The Board of Assessors began interviewing candidates in closed meetings Tuesday night. The meetings caused a stir at a Board of Selectmen's meeting the same night, because the assessors originally had promised that other town officials could sit in on the interviews, but later changed their minds.

Town Administrator James Kern said there likely had been a misunderstanding between the two boards, where the assessors believed the selectmen wanted other town officials to be able to vote, although the selectmen said they had wanted only that other officials be present at the meeting to ask the candidates questions.

Higgins said the town officials such as the tax collector participated in the second round of interviews Wednesday night.

Six candidates applied for the assessor's job, but only four made it to the interviews. The assessors spoke with three candidates -- including Gabriel -- Tuesday night and the fourth Wednesday. After the Wednesday interview, they opened their meeting to the public and announced their choice.

The interviews were not open to the public because, Higgins said, "You have people who apply for jobs who don't necessarily want the rest of the world to know they're applying."

For the same reason, Higgins said he would not give out the names of the other candidates interviewed.

To contact Rob Margetta, phone (508) 674-8401 or e-mail rmargett@projo.com.



#24 2011-03-22 10:14:58

Capecod Online wrote:

Ex-Wareham assessor's appraisal license placed on probation


November 10, 2003

John T. Donahue, who ran for state representative in an Upper Cape district, is penalized for a year for an inaccurate appraisal.

John T. Donahue, a former Wareham assessor who ran for state representative in an Upper Cape district last year, is also an appraiser whose license to appraise properties was placed on probation for one year.

The Massachusetts Board of Registration of Real Estate Appraisers imposed the penalty after Donahue made an inaccurate appraisal in Easton.

Donahue admitted his estimate of the parcel's value was erroneous because he had failed to conduct a proper sales comparison analysis, according to the board.

As part of a consent agreement Donahue signed, he will take a continuing education course in appraising and must pass an exam within six months. Failure of either condition could result in suspension of Donahue's license.

"Accurate and fair evaluations are essential to preserve the public trust in proper appraisal practice," said board Chairman William J. Pastuszek in a written statement.

"Inaccurate values have a negative effect on the real estate economy in general and contribute to further volatility in the consumer and commercial markets," Pastuszek said.

Donahue declined to elaborate on the case, except to say it was "politically motivated."

He described the property in question as "a dwelling" and said it is "absolutely, positively" not owned by a campaign contributor or political supporter.

Anne L. Collins, director of the state Division of Professional Licensure, said Donahue's March 2001 appraisal of the property took place "within the context of a divorce proceeding."

Collins also declined to name the owners or the address, saying "it would put a chilling effect on people coming forward to file complaints."

In this case, one of the owners was an appraiser and complained to the state about Donahue's work, which estimated the property value at $211,500. Another appraisal in 2001 placed it at $265,000, Collins said.

Donahue compared the property to at least three others that were similar, Collins said, the minimum number needed and standard practice for appraisers.

Donahue won by 12 votes after a recount over Bourne resident Rick Musiol in last year's Democratic primary in the 2nd Plymouth District, which includes precincts 1, 2 and — in Bourne and all of Wareham and Carver.

The 51-year-old father of two lost in the general election to Republican Susan Williams Gifford, a Wareham selectmen.

Donahue, Wareham's moderator and head of the town's Democratic committee, lost in the primary in the district in 1996.

Donahue said he works 31 hours a week for the town of Swansea and performs duties for his home-based job on evenings and weekends.

He was a member of Wareham's board of assessors in 1994 when the state Department of Revenue took over the office after refusing to accept the error-ridden results of a revaluation in the town.



#25 2011-03-22 12:37:17

You couldn't write fiction and have it believable with this whole story.



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