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#1 2011-02-26 13:05:31

There is a total news black out. Ms. Griswold's friends profess they haven't a clue.

Wareham Town Administrator Mark Andrews, as always, refuses to say anything.

Meanwhile, thanks to the generosity of Wareham taxpayers, Griswold remains on administrative leave with full pay.

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#2 2011-02-26 18:45:26

I heard she is being considered for the Chief of Police position in N. Andover.

Chief Stanley will be paid as Chief of Police, Ass't TA, head of the COA, and the PIO for the entire Town at a salary of $250,112.00.

Makes sense right?

Why not?

You can't write fiction better than this!



#3 2011-02-26 20:35:21

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#4 2011-02-27 07:42:34

well lets see she is getting paid for not working, she abused are elders ,and fooled around with the books  yet she has not been fired ,jane and brenda probaly interceded in her behalf ,in private  bussiness she would have been fired ,but this is wareham where anything goes ,this is brenda and janes town a crooked town.



#5 2011-02-27 09:06:01

So she's getting paid over a $1000.00 a week to stay home until she decides she is well enough to attend a hearing. She is playing hard ball and right now she is winning. No one should underestimate this woman.



#6 2011-02-27 12:39:45

mackenzie wrote:

So she's getting paid over a $1000.00 a week to stay home until she decides she is well enough to attend a hearing. She is playing hard ball and right now she is winning.

By winning, you mean Griswold doesn't have to tread water with former Interim Town Administrator John Sanguinet in exile over at the sewer department?

As I understand it, Marcia Griswold will face criminal indictment the moment she's compelled to explain her expenditures at the Wareham Public Library and the Wareham Council On Aging.

Seems there's more than a few folks determined to sit on this nightmare until after the election and the first name comes to mind is Town Administrator Mark Andrews.

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#7 2011-02-27 13:26:50

It sounds like a big time cover up, something that the Hypocrite Elite is always good at.



#8 2011-02-27 13:43:22

GuyIncognito wrote:

It sounds like a big time cover up, something that the Hypocrite Elite is always good at.

Too many people got a good look at Marcia's ledgers and they're prepared to testify.

Mark Andrews is stalling to give his patrons a chance to win office.

They lose, and Andrews is out of work. Also, Rick Stanley limps back to North Andover and Mary Ann Silva probably loses her wage increase.

Watch the poll counts carefully this time, boys and girls.



#9 2011-02-27 15:48:59

Why is it that a select group of people will blindly support and demand people leave her alone? What happened to open and transparency that everyone demands? There are allegations that "the books do not add up". Why ignore this one and zealously go after others? Unless I'm missing something demand a reschedule of the meeting or change her status to without pay!



#10 2011-02-27 15:51:47

Yes Bill I Hear The Same Thing That According To Rumor She Has Cut Cotners And Falsified Things But Andrews Was Told About These Things When He First Came Aboard In Wareham  And Did Nothingabout Them Because Brenda And Jayne Were In Her Corner,   Some Are Trying To Give Her Severance Pay ,others Are Trying To Get Her To Hand In Her Regignation And Not Proscute Her, All This Is According To Rumor.  And To Think We Had A Good Women Doing Her Job Before The Hipocrit Elite Forced Her To Quit Because Of Constant Harament , Her Mane Is Ms Bell.      Maney Others Were Forced Out Of Jobs During The Reign Of Terror Of Jayne And Brenda , And Maney Bumb Kissers Were Put In There Jobs Just Like Hitlers Brown Shirts.



#11 2011-02-27 15:56:07

Brenda Is Another One Who Should Be Put In Jail Because Of The Law Suits Against Her , Calling People Idiots And The Worst Of All Illegally Fireing Police Lt Blisss, All Her Mis Deeds Will Come Out Dureing The Next Few Years And I Guess Thats Why  This Coward Is Not Running ,cant Stand The Music That Will Come Out Against Her.



#12 2011-02-27 15:58:46

Then There Is The Crook Jayne Who Famously Said At Town Meeting Its Not Illegal If No One Complains About It,     And Bruce Who Cost The Town Millions Of Dolars And His Lies Of Swift Beach This Crook Is Put On The Westfield Commitee.



#13 2011-02-27 17:00:53

Yes Bill Is Rite Watch The Counts At This Years Election As Mary Ann Sliva  Rumor Has It Has Taken A Course In Creative Vote Counting .



#14 2011-02-27 20:02:43

redrobin wrote:

Yes Bill Is Rite Watch The Counts At This Years Election As Mary Ann Sliva  Rumor Has It Has Taken A Course In Creative Vote Counting .

With the legal wizards involved, what do you bet Move Wareham Forward hasn't properly complied with PAC filing and reporting requirements?



#15 2011-02-27 21:50:31

It is important to rememmger that  when Marcia came on board no on was happy. she started to yell as soon as she arrived and people have been complaining since. this is not new informatipon. I think the TA is making sure he has all his information alligned I dont like him but hie knowes what he need to do to make it right will gibe him that I do not think he  is trying to cover it up but then I am not always right.



#16 2011-03-01 14:00:12

Is it possible to ask the Attorney General to monitor the vote counting to assure honesty?
I would also like to know if Mary Ann Silva can arrange the names on the ballet to help or harm a candidate.



#17 2011-03-18 20:55:57

Any word about Marcia?



#18 2011-03-18 21:58:10

The Police Dept Is Being Cut 250k And Yet We Pay Saguinet And Grizzie Hush Money To Keep Quiwt Before The Election ,how Can We Afford To Pay Grizzie  When We Fired Her?



#19 2011-03-20 18:00:07

What I've been hearing on "Griz"..

She retained counsel..the town is "building a case" to have her "terminated with cause"..and that (are you ready for this?)..that grant money is "missing"..over 100K!

(Unlike Bobo)..I don't make the news..I just report it.

I guess they should have listened to us about her a long long time ago..



#20 2011-03-20 18:08:22

Well then, terminate her immediately and see you in Court..why screw with this?

Another thief...what the heck is going on?

At least she isn't seeking an elected office.



#21 2011-03-20 19:27:22

Let me get this ....?? They accuse the library friends and Mrs Phillsbury of all kinds of horrible things and isn't she the person they put charge of the library? How do these people keep getting away with this.



#22 2011-03-20 19:35:03


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#23 2011-03-20 20:10:43

Thanks dave. I don't want her anywhere my kids!!!!!



#24 2011-03-20 20:13:55

DDPTRO wrote:

FYI.."teacher91"..her real name is [redacted]... I made a point of finding that out awhile ago. I don't want someone as clueless as her ever getting anywhere near my child's education. Anonymous no more, Ms. [redacted].

You a a vile human being because only a vile human being would do something like that.

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#25 2011-03-20 20:32:04

For clarification..the post by Bill (above) was Bobo's response to my post about "Teacher91"..opinion noted, Bobo.

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#26 2011-03-20 21:05:58

Dave, don't worry about it.  Bobo isn't even a human being so what does he know?



#27 2011-03-20 21:18:28

WOW...are YOU being monitored Dave?

How can he respond so quickly?



#28 2011-03-20 21:20:40

DDPTRO wrote:

that grant money is "missing"..over 100K!

I received "clarification" on this point.. A "little birdie" has informed me that the money isn't missing, but that it wasn't used..and therefore had to be returned to the state. Maybe not as bad..but still not very good.



#29 2011-03-20 21:24:17

Why did it have to be returned? Was it because a budget was less than asked for, and she returned the money? No...I don't think so...but...good question...why was it returned?



#30 2011-03-20 21:50:31

Dave-clearly the tinhat club is in for a big surprise this April.  These are the same people who hang on every word that Bobo says.  Example:  Making allegations without a shred of proof.  Holy guacamole-this is what this guy does for a living!  He has made so many accusations/allegations about people while only citing anonymous sources - NO PROOF!!!!

Now they are claiming that only the good things should be spoken about the candidates.  What's that sound?  Yup birds chirping when it comes to "his" candidates!  Oh I know, Ellen B. went to Haiti.  Not quite sure what that has to do with Wareham, but, uh, ok.  John D-yup nothing good to say, Mike S.- yup nothing good to say...

Let's not forget about LenSkynyrd-you know, the gutless coward, hiding behind his screen name...ya, way to spew your venom while hiding behind a screen name.

Bottom line-they will only be satisfied with limiting the information about "their" candidates that only shows them in a golden light.  Remember-they were the ones up in arms over Frank yelling at Slager about the race baiting?  The hypocrisy is deafening when it comes to that group.

Thanks for all the info you put out there Dave.  Without your tireless work of informing the public, many of us would be in the dark.  Keep up the good work!



#31 2011-03-20 21:53:58

to quote the great "I won't let a thing like facts get in my way".....

"allegedly grant money that was available and not applied for."

NO NO NO NO.....
It seems that maybe Marcia applied for X amount of dollars but only spent Y amount.. In turn the remainder of X-Y has to be turned back over.... Funny this happens when she spent 3+ years telling everyone the COA was broke & NEVER had enough funding..

On a side not teacher91 outed herself in chat with Lynne B. a long time ago...



#32 2011-03-20 22:19:14

DAVE,,,you ARE being monitored!!!



#33 2011-03-20 22:36:09

Liz, thanks for clearing that up. I noticed Bobo didn't get it right..but then, does he ever?

Nikki, your welcome..and thanks for your kind words. Same to anyone who has written things like that. I don't usually respond..but I do appreciate it.

We have to be informed, and I hope (more than anything) that the citizens of Wareham make the effort to become informed as much as possible. For me..that's what "Take Back Wareham" always informed citizenry taking their "rightful place at the table"...and not allowing a small group of self-interested "renegades" lead us to ruin. Don't be sheep led to the slaughter. Be active, be a part (..or don't complain when things go down the $#%&%$!!) There's no more important time than elections and town meeting's to let your "voice" be heard. I believe apathy is our greatest foe (even more than the Donahue's, Bobo or the "tinhats"). It may sound corny..but (I think) we live in a GREAT country..and it's our democracy that makes it so. People need to care enough to (at least) vote..and hopefully they make those votes informed ones.



#34 2011-03-20 23:24:21

It must be embarrassing for the TA ( the "boss") to find out that money had to be returned. The big questions will be answered, hopefully soon. Like...what money, how much was asked for and for what reason, why was the money returned and why was that such an embarrassment or incompetent action that Ms. G had to be sent home?

I would think her boss should be sent home along with her.

I can't wait to see how this shakes out :).



#35 2011-03-20 23:26:46

I wonder if she could become a whistle blower...that would be cool...



#36 2011-03-21 07:14:59

check your facts.  money will not be returned to state.  Will be used for other approved grant programs.



#37 2011-03-21 08:02:13

The grant money isnít given to the Marcia it is held by the state until Marcia sends them bills and then they pay out. If the grant money isnít used it is returned to the general fund.
This whole thing is ridiculous, Marcia has been telling everyone since she started that job that there is no money and everyone must tighten their belts. This woman has no clue how to do the books after she left the library didnít they have to ask for $50,000 from the trustees to straighten out the mess she made?



#38 2011-03-21 08:21:38

FYI...... There WERE grants out there that Marcia didn't apply for ie. the MassDOT gave out COA handicapped vans & towns all around us got them but not Wareham!!!



#39 2011-03-21 08:36:38

concerned: can you share with the class what information you have?



#40 2011-03-21 08:51:43

concerned wrote:

check your facts.  money will not be returned to state.  Will be used for other approved grant programs.

Could you please explain? To my knowledge the grants are very specific in what they can be used for & how thoses monies are spent..

thanks in advance



#41 2011-03-21 08:57:39

Look at that..people are talking..maybe some truth will come out. Yes, by all means "concerned"..share more. I stated in my comments that those were things that I'd heard..people were wondering what was "up" with I shared what I'd heard. If that leads to taxpayer's having knowledge of what the "issue" is..then, so be it.

on another note...

Move Wareham Forward's Treasurer (a non-citizen, non-voter) Ted Porada's "Moving Wareham Forward" again with his "come together" comments..this is tame compared to alot of his..ummm..stuff

By: CoachTP on 3/20/11
Developers and big business do not care about the environment here in Wareham. The Bradys of Wareham all cried and defended the institution of TM as the most democratic process available. I guess that is only when it works for them. Winslow and Barrett need to once again be reminded that they are supposed to work for the residents of Wareham, not the interests of Decas, ADM or an engineering firm. Puppet masters pulling the strings again as so-called politicians dance. Pollution exists in the water as well as in the minds of the mindless.

Yep, Schneider and Begley's "right hand man" sure knows how to increase the "civil discourse".

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#42 2011-03-21 09:04:52

this is another case of stupidy ,we knew a year ago there were problems at coa andtheTA did nothing about them,and they wanted (brenda and jayne) yes men ,bumb kissers if you at all the jobs in wareham ,brenda and jayne 2  stupid people if tjhere  ever was one  thought ole grizzie was  so smart they put her at the library ,gave her more money ,and she in my opinion could not manage a lemonade stand if you will, she would probaly swear at the little kids .                            she and bruce have anger issues, i think they are insane.



#43 2011-03-21 09:13:23

so we keep paying grizzie not to work but to stay home , they cant fire her i bet because she knows to much dirt an jayne and brenda ,i think they are paying her hush money,,           same as  saguinet why is he at  the sewer dept  is  he being paid hush money so he wont rat out jayne and brendas lies and misdeeds before the election.



#44 2011-03-22 08:37:13

This Thursday will be the sixth week that Marcia has been paid for while on leave. I think she makes between 1100-1200 a week. This has cost the town almost $7000, 00 for her to stay home, plus whatever town lawyers are charging to work on this case. Marcia knows how to play hard ball. How long can this thing go on without any resolution? The Ta would like to hire Mr. Bowen for town; if he is handling this case he isnít doing a very good job



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