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AD Makepeace CEO Michael Hogan and Vice President Linda Burke,  Rosewood - 2010-04-28

I learned in early September Wareham Selectman Peter Teitelbaum planned to submit a Fall Town Meeting warrant article at the behest of AD Makepeace employees Robert Brady and Linda Burke allowing them to ignore established setbacks and develop five isolated acres of Tim's Point waterfront they optioned last year for $115,000.

That is the one and only reason the Wetlands bylaw appeared before last week's Town Meeting. And it was NOT a story I wanted to write. I moved back here to escape pathological liars-for-hire.

Instead, I tried to alert a select few Town Hall inhabitants in positions to derail such fraud, only to find they've become captive enablers, sworn to patronage allegiance. Even life-long friends. Should I name and shame them?

Voters don't usually matter when marginal Town Meeting quorums decide a town's fate but with one exception, they stood up this fall and the Board of Selectmen were routed across board. To his credit, Steve Holmes was only Selectman to display any backbone.

Wicket's Island, it's simple enough to predict, will soon become another Nail Factory millstone around the town's neck.

Wake up, gentle voter. We dodged a bullet this time but Town Meeting is all we have left and it's sickly. Please get involved. Shultzy really does know nothing.

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I always liked Steve Holmes. He's a great guy. I wish we had more selectmen like him.



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