#1 2014-07-04 17:11:02

From the same BOS that brought you another strong stance known as a "song and dance" on their all out fight to abandon mandates that aren't convenient at the moment, would you please unplug the storm drains on my street? They've been filled with Town debris for more than a year and are now responsible for our street flooding.

By the way, BOS please have enough courage to close the beaches at Onset on Saturday July 5th 'cuz we're sure the Water Pollution Control facilities can't handle the overload either. What's that I hear you say, they don't get tested 'til Monday. Ok so there is no such thing as any kind of backup or report of pollution in Wareham until Monday.

So, good luck everyone and go for a swim on Saturday and watch those free fireworks in your polluted bay on Saturday nite. Weeeeeeee!



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