#1 2014-02-27 09:36:41

Funny how every other day, Wareham is about the only town in the area that makes the news, repeatedly, for more budget problems that seem to arise every week, added to the ones from the week before. Services and personel are going to be cut in a town that can't even maintain itself because they keep getting rid of employees. So somebody tell me why Mr. SULLIVAN is making double what he should be!  Nobody sees the sick irony that the person who wants to slash and burn services and peoples' jobs is making a tidy $120,000 this year, and accepting a $10k raise next year and the year after? Wow, talk about a double standard.  Shame on him. Funny how quickly things went downhill right after he came along. Messed up town roads are not going to be fixed - even though the residents living on them pay just as much (or more) taxes as everyone else, and this phony list of "private roads" as a way to get out of plowing (I can hear the lawsuit gears starting to turn). If this guy had an ounce of integrity and was really here to make a difference, he would start by taking a pay cut. This year he'll gross $2307 per WEEK!!  You've got to be kidding. In 2016 he'll be up to $2692 per week while the town falls apart around him. In Sept he said he was "looking forward the to next 3 years". Of course - he's looking forward to how fat his bank account will be while the residents of Wareham are dreading the next 3 years and wondering how they'll even afford to live here. He should move to Wareham and live on one of the delapidated streets in a run down area and he might think differently. Lead by example, practice what you preach.
Another job on the payroll is listed as "Foreman - Highway & Trees" at $1576 per week, before taxes. Trees - I guess that means the trees that overhang Main St north of CVS and are practically touching in the middle over the street like a green ceiling. Yeah the ones that dont get trimmed.

Apparently the town didnt learn from the mistake of hiring Chief Stanley at $245,000.



#2 2014-02-28 07:47:08

At last some logical dialog......................what a breath of freshness.

What ever happened to the "old posters" ?

The same issues in Wareham are still active.  The current BOS seems to get a free pass daily.

The Town is in worse shape than ever.

It is time to bring back Rob Slager..............Maybe Bill could collect donations to bring back Slager and his "rotten to the core" style of reporting and the beloved ass wipe rag, The Observer.  Maybe even bring back Brucie , Cronie and The Drunk.

Think it over



#3 2014-02-28 11:07:14

You can safely assume I'll embezzle the funds and flee to the tropics.


Mark Andrews' college intern pulls down the the big bucks now because he's assumed the role of official BOS whipping boy. We need to assign blame where it belongs, like Town Counsel Richard Bowen, who's squatted in the middle of every last rotten deal here from 2002 onward.

Imagine the Selectmen having to pray every night Bowen won't find Jesus and start singing to a Grand Jury.

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This speaks volumes all by its lonesome.

http://wareham-ma.villagesoup.com/p/bow … el/1137193



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