#1 2014-02-12 22:19:55

derick did a look back on the schools budget over the  last 10 years and  found that there budget has gone up about 1.4% each  year over the past 10 years while the towns side of the budget has actually gone down about .2% over the last 10 years . so they actually was level funded over the last 10 years . since we have inflation there budget has acually gone down over the last 10 years.      the school dept has lost  children over the last 10 years ,witness that the school sends 1.2 million dollars  of there budget to nother towns .      the school system in this town is not doing there job in educating our children. they loose children  in that less children are going  to our school system than went to our school  10 years ago.       yet there budget keeps going up each year over the last 10 years. while the town sbudget has acually gone down over the last 10 years.       they are bleading our town dry and this has got to stop.      they our forcing this ove ride.     i will not vote for it ,not now not ever. we must let our town leaders to bugger off the people on this town.                  a couple of years ago the teachers were given  a 16% raise over 3 years . they are the hogs at the trough.                                     in my opinion ifyou are loosing students  over the last 10 years your budget should not increase.                      the police on the other hand crime is up and yet the amount of police in wareham is  25.



#2 2014-02-12 22:27:20

the police on the other hand  have there rate of crime up and yet there  police roster is down 25 % and they did not get a 16% over 3 years.



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