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i refuse to pay the .75 cents per one hundered dollar tax increase on restaurants  that town meeting recently passed so i have taken my bussiness out of town ,     i went to the ming dynasty rest . recently i ordered a pu pu  platter for 3 , french fries , white rice , brown rice , and 3 sodas  with free refills all for 44 dollars  ,food was fantastic as was the price ,this rest . is located in mattapoisett,    i  also went to  emmas pizza in bridge water  ma. the pizza is out of this world , the salads were great as were the prices , if you are in bridgewater  you have to try emmas pizza.    i saved 2.25 in taxes which i made a point of giving it to the watresses.   tonite i plann on going to ricotties piza in fairhaven  they have a great stak and there pepproni pizza is fantastic , while i here they have passed the tax increase , i will pay it as they dont have a corrupt gov. as wareham does.



#2 2011-05-09 23:07:35

Well, that's too bad.  The small restaurant owners who are struggling to stay in business are the ones hurt the most.  The town imposes a new tax on all food establishments and the businesses must now incur the extra cost of reprinting all their menus in addition to higher gas, food and other escalating expenses.  It's not the restaurants' fault.  They are as much a victim of the control freaks running this town as we all are.



#3 2011-05-10 17:55:05

Thats Why This Past Election The Donahue Maffia Should Have Been Voted Out At The Poles And They Were Not , I Guess Armagedon Has To Come To Wareham For Things To Change .

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