#1 2011-04-12 21:53:24

I only saw enough of tonight's meeting to know our selectmen ratified Rick Stanley's contract, and Stanley intends to resign his position in North Andover to relocate in Wareham.

For the benefit of locals and out of town press, would someone please describe the terms of his contract?

BOS - 2010-06-08 Tue 7:51:12pm

Auto-edited on 2020-08-11 to update URLs

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#2 2011-04-12 22:03:52

one term would be that he never have to were a uniform as they do not make a dress uniform that could button around that neck and still allow him to breath. cant play golf in a dress uniform either. golf shirts for everyone.



#3 2011-04-12 23:23:41

Section 35. Subject to the provisions of section forty-one governing the transfer of persons who have served as tenured employees since prior to October fourteen, nineteen hundred and sixty-eight, a tenured employee may be transferred to a similar position in the same or in another departmental unit after request in writing for approval of such transfer made to the administrator by the appointing authority or authorities for such unit or units and with the approval of the administrator, provided such request includes reasons which, in the opinion of the administrator, are sound and sufficient to show that the transfer will be for the public good and will not impose unreasonable hardship on such employee. A position shall not be considered similar if it has a title higher than that of the position from which the transfer is to be made or if the requirements for appointment to such positions are substantially different.

Such transfer may be permanent or temporary, as the appointing authority or authorities shall determine, with the consent of the administrator, and, if temporary, shall be for such period of time as the appointing authority or authorities shall determine, with the consent of the administrator. A temporary transfer shall not affect the date from which length of service is computed for purposes of determining the seniority of the person transferred; nor shall such transfer be deemed to interrupt the period of service in the position from which such person is transferred where such period of service is required for eligibility for any promotion under the civil service law and rules...

MGL Ch. 31 s. 35 Civil Service Transfers



#4 2011-04-12 23:30:42

Here is the kicker: "the Boston Police Commissioner is paid a salary of $171,468."(WW story).

He must be something special.

How big is Boston compared to Wareham?

Big enough to pay a Chief almost as much as Boston?



#7 2011-04-13 05:26:32

Does Walter know or care that he just sold out the Cape Veridean community.



#8 2011-04-13 06:17:46

Did anyone else notice that schneider and begley voted to hire stanley before they even knew about salary? I think they may have known the details before last nights mtg.



#9 2011-04-13 06:43:16

Yes, I found it disturbing that Mike and Ellen both voted for the hire a) before even asking about the salary or for any details about the contract and b)  before allowing for any discussion to take place.  Either they were told the details ahead of time or they didn't know and were willing to give the TA carte blanche without bothering to find out the details.  Whichever the case may be, neither option is good.

I was disturbed by many comments made by Schneider.  He certainly dropped his pledge of civility in a hurry.  Based on last night's performance, I'm not sure if his new nickname should be "Brucey Jr." or "Sweet Mikey."

Last edited by GuyIncognito (2011-04-13 06:44:12)



#10 2011-04-13 06:56:17

i give steve  an award for corage last nite , he took on the ta about overspanding the overtime budget at the police dept, excesive spending and not knowing where the money was coming from ,also he pointed out problems with the assesing dept . and setting a tax rate. and he did it all alone truley a man of corrage. i here trough the grape vine that both andrews lied to him and kept him out of the loop on the hireing of the police chief and cruz told him he would vote one way and then changed his mind.



#11 2011-04-13 06:57:31

kudos to ms nyman and ms peterson for pointing out our fiscal problems.



#12 2011-04-13 07:00:51

the town is in a shambles ,we have no assesor,notown accountant, no head of the edic,all depts being cut 5% ,town meeting being called off till may and yes we have no head of the council on ageing. and we have plenty of lawsuits.



#13 2011-04-13 11:45:44

Don't forget North Andover has a new police station- That's Andrews next announcement-a new home for the new chief !



#14 2011-04-13 15:54:33

Brian Messenger wrote:

NORTH ANDOVER Police Chief Richard Stanley confirmed today his intentions to leave town for Wareham, where the Board of Selectmen appointed him full-time police chief last night.

Stanley said his "lateral civil service transfer" to Wareham now requires approval from North Andover selectmen. If approval is granted, he said he will sign a contract with Wareham Town Administrator Mark Andrews that will pay him $166,000...

Eagle-Tribune: Chief Stanley: N. Andover selectmen vote final hurdle for Wareham transfer



#15 2011-04-13 16:10:55

I love the comments on the site...they LOVE the guy!!



#16 2011-04-13 19:10:14

I like the comments next to the news article.  When he first came on the force in Wareham, someone commented on that article and I think it said to talk to a waitress at Pub 99 about his after hours goings on and another comment said that "Wareham must have a bigger supply of scotch than N. Andover".  So this is what we have for a chief!!



#17 2011-04-13 19:37:01

First time, that I know of, in history that Wareham has a Chief that doesn't live in Town or ever lived in Town.

Very bad precedent.



#18 2011-04-14 23:52:30

Eagle-Tribune wrote:

By Brian Messenger
The Eagle Tribune
Thu Apr 14, 2011, 12:15 AM EDT

NORTH ANDOVER Selectmen on Friday are expected to approve police Chief Richard Stanley's request for a full-time transfer to the Wareham Police Department.

The vote, which is expected to be unanimous, will end a year-long tug of war between North Andover and Wareham over Stanley's services.

Stanley, 55, the top cop in town since 1986, began working a second job as Wareham's interim police chief in August 2009 in addition to his duties as North Andover police chief.

On Tuesday, the Wareham Board of Selectmen voted to appoint Stanley as full-time chief, after Wareham Town Administrator and former city of Lawrence Finance Director Mark Andrews announced he had agreed to pay Stanley a $166,000 salary.

The news came as a surprise to North Andover selectmen, who believed Stanley was staying put despite previously entertaining a full-time job offer from Andrews.

"I was wholeheartedly under the impression he was staying," said Selectman Tracy Watson yesterday. "I'm disappointed with being duped to a certain degree."

Watson and three other North Andover selectmen now stand as the final hurdle to what Stanley referred to yesterday as a "lateral civil service transfer" to Wareham.

Selectmen Watson, Bill Gordon, Rosemary Smedile and Donald Stewart each said yesterday they will vote to approve Stanley's transfer request Friday afternoon at Town Hall.

Selectmen Chairman Dan Lanen, a North Andover patrolman, said he will recuse himself from the vote.

After approving the transfer, selectmen must determine Stanley's last day as North Andover police chief. Watson said she expects Stanley will leave town for Wareham within 30 days.

Wareham selectmen reportedly voted 3-1 to appoint Stanley as full-time chief and pay him a $130,000 base salary, plus $36,000 per year in Quinn education reimbursement.

By comparison, Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis is expected to take home roughly $175,000 this year. Stanley is making $133,226 in North Andover this year.

"I think it's naive to think most people wouldn't consider a job opportunity like that," said Smedile. "They were pretty aggressive about having him come on board. I think our position is we wish him well but we didn't really have the money to compete with something like that."

'All the intentions to stay'

Stanley said yesterday the Wareham job represents "a professional challenge."

"From my perspective, as chief of police, there's nothing more I can do in North Andover except maintain," said Stanley. "We've reached a pinnacle and the organization is a fine-oiled machine, so from a professional outlook, I saw a tremendous opportunity and challenge in Wareham. It surely was off the radar screen and I made my decision to stay here, and I made that clear to Mr. Andrews. But he was tenacious in continuing to make this happen."

Selectmen approved Stanley's work arrangement in Wareham by a 3-1 vote in August 2009, with Gordon voting in the minority. Stanley has worked two days a week in Wareham using vacation time accrued in North Andover and has commuted back and forth driving a Wareham-issued vehicle.

In March 2010, Stanley said he had agreed, in principle, with Andrews to become Wareham's full-time chief. That November, however, North Andover Town Manager Mark Rees announced Stanley would stay in town and had already begun "transitioning away" from his Wareham job.

In February, Stanley wrote a memo to Rees informing the town manager that his last day in Wareham would be March 31. He reaffirmed his apparent plans to stay at a meeting last month.

"I just turned down a pretty good job because my heart is in this town," Stanley told North Andover selectmen at a budget meeting.

Stanley said yesterday he agreed several weeks ago to extend the March 31 deadline to April 16. He said a tentative contract agreement with Andrews was reached only recently.

"If that vote didn't happen (Tuesday) night, I was turning in my car on Saturday," said Stanley. "I had all the intentions to stay here. I very much enjoy my job in North Andover."

'Offer he couldn't refuse'

Stewart, Smedile and Gordon each voiced support for Stanley yesterday.

"He's done a lot of good for the town," said Stewart. "People are allowed to change their minds. I guess he got an offer he couldn't refuse."

"He worked hard for North Andover, there's not question," said Smedile. "On a limited budget with limited resources, he was all in."

"I don't feel bitter and I don't feel duped," said Gordon. "Certainly, he told us he was going to stay. ... I believed him at the time. But I won't hold it against him."

Watson also commended Stanley for his service to the town, but expressed disappointment over how his exit was handled.

"I think he's had a formidable career here," said Watson. "I'm kind of bummed out in the manner of which he's leaving and in the matter in which we all found out.

"I think that there should have been deeper conversations or more forthcoming conversations with the board as well as the town manager."

Rees was not available for comment yesterday, but released a statement in conjunction with selectmen thanking Stanley for his 34 years of service to the town.

"The Board of Selectmen will meeting on Friday, April 15, 2011 at 4:00 p.m. to begin the process of transitioning to a new police department administration," Rees wrote. "It should be noted that any enhanced retirement benefits that may accrue to Chief Stanley because of this new job will be borne by the town of Wareham. He will not be eligible for sick leave buy back benefits and accrued vacation payout will be minimal due to vacation time used while working part-time for Wareham."

Follow Brian Messenger on Twitter under the screen name Brian_Messenger. To comment on stories and see what others are saying, log on to eagletribune.com.

North Andover Board of Selectmen: How will you vote Friday?

"I am very much OK with him moving on to the new job. I'll approve that."

-Bill Gordon

"I would never stop anybody's opportunity to better themselves or better their family. It's my personal belief not to hold people back."

-Rosemary Smedile

"The guy wants to move on. Let him move on."

-Donald Stewart

"I'm voting to release him."

-Tracy Watson

Eagle-Tribune: Stanley headed to Wareham as selectmen voice support



#19 2011-04-17 00:22:38

Here are some of the comments from the links (above) to the Eagle-Tribune Articles.

"How is that when most citizens receive multiple DUI's they have a tough time being hired for employment but Chief Stanley is juggling two jobs?"


"What does Stanley hold over the head of the town manager? Oh, that's a secret. NA never should have hired him in the first place. Talk about "Do as I say, not as I do" person. Maybe they'll name the new NAPD station after him. Would the term "Memorial" be appropriate? Please tell me, NA selectpersons, that you will not consider letting him stay with both jobs. the only official with any stones was Bill Gordon who voted against this in the first place. Maybe Stanley saw the handwriting on the wall with his buddy Nardella getting voted out of office."


" "I just turned down a pretty good job because my heart is in this town," Stanley told North Andover selectmen last month."

Ha! It's obviously another part of his anatomy that is leading him around - Good riddance Chief Quimby."


"North Andover should have fired his butt long ago. He has done nothing but lie to that town for years."


"Just wait until the taxpayers see what they have to pay for this guy's pension after he is finished double dipping. Sounds like Bell, Ca where the citizens got ripped off by their police chief. I wonder what kind of koolaid he was drinking when he sent that memo?"


"what a liar......he belongs in Methuen"


"Methuen already has more than their share of con artists in the PD."


"Finally Mark Andrews will have buddy to drink with in Wareham."


"Perhaps Big Chief speaks with forked-tongue?"


"How is it possible to be a full-time police chief in two towns that are 90 miles apart at the same time? Only in Massachusetts."


"Driving a police cruiser (beware of the RR crossing in Reading)."


"Now the children of North Andover can grow up in a town that, hopefully, no longer approves of a drunk police chief."


"Did the "Chief" get a piece of the action from the illegal gambling machines at the VFW?"


"Well this is another fine mess you have gotten us into Stanley."


"I'm this PO-Silver can't leave fast enough. The only public official who's gotten more out of their liver is Ted Kennedy, and sorry but I think he's had a couple of transplants...I warn any young lady not to take a long drive off a short bridge with this "hero"..."


"good riddens stanley ! dont let the door hit you in the back on your way out!"


"In the recent video on here for the fatal accident on 114 he looked like the booze was really taking a toll- all bloated and disheveled. Maybe its post traumatic stress from having a car with bad brakes."


"I think if my car 'Malfunctioned' and I smashed through a railroad crossing with the smell of beer on my breath I would have faced a very differant outcome than the Chief did. Period!"


"After he crashed the NAPD cruiser at the crossing he fell out of it in the intersection, engine running and in gear."


"This is a guy who fired a cop on his force for getting a DUI and then got one himself and stayed on. He's a fat toad. Let him go."


"What a freakin bum!!"


"If we can't trust what he says, why would we want him enforcing our laws?"


"How can we miss you if you won't go away?"


"Let him go! Appoint an acting chief and begin searching for a replacement chief. Recommend conducting an immediate audit of police assets and records."


"Notice to Town of Wareham

Please check the brake system on the car you give Mr. Stanley, as he has had some trouble with them in the not so distant past. Also, you may want to secure all of your towns' railroad crossing apparatus. See trouble with brakes."


"I heard they have more drinking establishments in Wareham."


"First you say you do and then you don't, then you say you will and then you won't, you're undecided now and what are you gonna to do?"


"Compromised ethics in the name of money."


"such good news for NA"


""I will wait and discuss that with them at the appropriate time,". You all know what that means. He will try to get more money out of North Andover. Board of Selectmen call his bluff and tell him BUH BYE and see how fast he turns down the Wareham job."


"This town is run by a bunch of idiots. From the chief, to the selectmen, to the superintendent. Total incompetence. "wait and discuss that with them at the appropriate time," can be interpreted as "I'll wait to see what North Andover's counter-offer is." Pack your bags please."


"Ask him about the time he asked at the town meeting, for the town to buy him a helicopter, I thought I was going to pi$$ my pants he truly is a dolt. Good luck to you all and thanks for taking him!"


"About 8 months ago that I swore I saw a TV remote in one of his fat rolls while he did a TV interview. He was speaking and the fat was flying around his neck, a fold opened up and there it was! A Sony I believe, regardless of the make, a TV remote. I caught all sorts of flack from one of his now despondent minions. Hey NA selectmen, do yourselves a favor and select an OUT OF TOWN replacement and then see how much you would have saved if you did your jobs and canned this clown years ago."


"Is this a true Statement by the Tribune? Since August, 2009, "Stanley has worked two days a week in Wareham using vacation time accrued in North Andover."

Depending on when you start & end the count, I come up with about 85-90 weeks since Aug 09. That means he's used between 170-180 vacation days. I know he continued to earn them in NA while he was burning them in Wareham, but how many days did he have in the bank before he started this? He better have a minimal "accrued vacation payout" as it says at the end of the story."


"very good point, I am interested to see what happens. Well... only if by surprise he gets the ADJUSTED vacation compensation and doesn't try and pull one over on the town.

oh yea, and good riddance."


"Will he be issued a uniform or a tent?"


"He's the poster boy of what NOT to be in a police chief - a bloated alcoholic. Probably can't run a 50 yard dash without puking. Also a hypocrite - firing one of his officers for a DUI and then getting one himself and staying on."


"I guess Wareham does not require background checks?"


"One less drunk driver in the area to dodge."


"Crime, including drug dealing and prostitution, has been rampant in North Andover during Stanley's tenure and Stanley says "we've reached a pinnacle". He should have been replaced years ago."


"Stanley should consider a stop on The Biggest Loser before he starts his new job. He's got to be what? 50-60lbs overweight? A real poster child for public safety employees."

Last edited by DDPTRO (2011-04-17 00:38:01)



#20 2011-04-17 07:51:13

Yeah...that says it all.

I say you ought to send him and Andrews packing the same day, hopefully SOON.

It's not like we didn't know it, or read about him before, or heard all of these comments. Andrews isn't as well loved either.

Why not check in Lybia...there are a few assholes ready for new jobs.



#21 2011-04-17 11:20:10

I wish we could get some of these bloggers on the Eagle-Tribune to write some letters to the Wareham Week or Standard-Times.



#22 2011-04-18 18:58:36

The other side knows that you are getting ready for Town Meeting and to freeze and reduce salaries. They want to bitch about the Supt. of Schools...no bitch here...cut his salary too...you probably can't, but how about capping salaries for ANY Dept. heads at $100,00.00.

Through attrition it will work out in the end.

These people think we are in love with the School system....hardly.

Fat Administrative salaries are EVERYWHERE, especially in the School Dept.

EVERYONE with the fat wallets should be watching their backs.

Enough is enough!!



#23 2011-04-19 12:14:47

Andrews is getting very cocky because he thinks he has control of the BOS.

He is wrong.

Cruz's advisors, people who have supported him, people who will continue to support him, will remind him why they support him. Not to be controlled by an outsider who is making arbitrary decisions and having him agree with him.

Andrews is an employee "at will"  of the super majority of the BOS.

He may think that the two new members, who were bought and paid for by a PAC, control the BOS or have real input...wrong again.

Andrews has made enemies of two members of the Board, and Cruz is on the fence.

That's not power....that's scary time.

I would also suggest that someone investigate the PAC that spent and raised money for the new Selectmen. How much was raised, contributed by whom, dispersed to whom, and what reasons.

The signs that appeared calling for Stanley's appointment or recall are illegal.

They were obvioulsy made and printed during an election, and by law, must have a disclosure of the party or organization that printed and distributed the signs. Clearly it was an attempt to sway an election and to intimidate candidates and/or incumbents.

The argument will be that they were printed and displayed after the election.

Doesn't hold water.

I would suggest that an investigation be conducted by the FEDERAL Elections Commission, not the State.

The State would probably will drag their feet and ignore it.

Not the Feds...they like this stuff.

In the meantime, get ready for Town Meeting and get ready to take control of Wareham again and throw out the carpetbaggers.



#24 2011-04-19 13:16:40

Do you have an e-mail address for the Federal Elections Commission? Contacting them is worth a try.



#25 2011-04-23 12:19:37

http://www.eagletribune.com/local/x6980 … th-Andover

By Brian Messenger
bmessenger@eagletribune.com The Eagle Tribune Sat Apr 23, 2011, 12:14 AM EDT

NORTH ANDOVER Twelve members of the North Andover Police Department have applied for the position of interim police chief to replace outgoing chief Richard Stanley.

Selectmen will discuss the process for naming both an interim and permanent police chief on Monday night. Stanley's last day as the town's top cop is May 16.

"We've got quite a few candidates that applied for the position," said Selectman Bill Gordon. "There's a lot of people that have moved up in the ranks and they want a shot at it."

Gordon is expected lead the discussion, as selectmen Chairman Dan Lanen is a town patrolman.

The deadline to apply for interim chief was Wednesday. Though no decision is expected Monday, Gordon said the board hopes to name an interim chief "as soon as possible."

Selectmen voted 4-0 last week to approve Stanley's full-time transfer to Wareham, where he will transition from interim to permanent police chief.

Stanley, 55, has worked as interim chief in Wareham since August 2009 in addition to his full-time duties as chief in North Andover, a position he's held since 1986.

Stanley will make $166,000 in Wareham, roughly $30,000 more than he makes in North Andover.

Gordon said he expects a permanent police chief will be named within the next 60 days.

Town Manager Mark Rees said the town is soliciting proposals from assessment centers to evaluate candidates for the permanent chief position.

During the assessment, Rees said candidates will be presented with various on-the-job scenarios and have their decisions reviewed by a panel of police officers.



#26 2011-04-23 15:41:34

I think it is great that N. Andover is giving their own Police Officers a shot at the Chief's position....transparent is an understatement.



#27 2011-04-23 17:28:27

It was pointed out to me, and rightfully so, that Stanley was a good enough leader and Chief that 12 of his officers are qualified to be Chief.

Hopefully, he will do the same in Wareham and some day soon a qualified Wareham PD cop will be Chief.



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