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#1 2011-03-24 11:24:22

Guy Incognito here.

As you may recall, the Hypocrite Elite's first choice for library director was a bar-suspended lawyer.  He was offered the job, he accepted it, he came down from New York to give a speech about it, and then after the pesky bloggers on this site did some googling, his bar suspension was exposed and the Hypocrite Elite had to rescind the offer and go back to the drawing board.

The Hypocrite Elite's second choice was the Lawrence Library Director, who was unsurprisingly offered the job by a former Lawrence town official turned Wareham TA.  She declined at the last minute, avoiding becoming the latest to take part in "The Great Lawrence-Wareham Migration."

Their third choice was Denise Medeiros, and even the most curmudgeonly of Hypocrite Elite critics agreed that she was qualified and a good choice. 

We were told that she was hired as library director and that seemed to put an end to the problem of the open library director position.

Or so we thought?

Incognito sources have told this Guy Incognito that they have heard that Medeiros was only hired on an "acting" basis and was not hired as the permanent library director that we were all led to believe.

If this is true, then:

1)  This would be an outrageous abuse of the public trust, since we were all told she was hired permanently.

2)  The library's certification will be in jeopardy, because come this May, again if this claim is true, then the library will have been without a permanent library director for several years.

I'm just passing along what my incognito informants have told me.

Happy Investigating,

Guy Incognito

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#2 2011-03-24 15:04:03

I Heard That In June The Library Will Be Decertified ,does Any Body Know If This True.



#3 2011-03-24 17:35:30

Third question would be:

3)  Did the Hypocrite Elite do this to try to bide time to install one of their flunkies, after their first two attempts failed?



#4 2011-03-24 17:37:07

The Hypocrite Elite is speechless on this...



#5 2011-03-24 21:50:38

So Mrs. Donahue is stating a lie in her letter to WarehamWeek, if there is infact no Library Director.  How can you trust these people...

"We also have a new Library Director and the hands of many volunteers who help maintain open hours and accreditation, a Town Planner, and so many other examples of teamwork and a changed culture for the administration."

http://wareham-ma.villagesoup.com/colum … vote/16597



#6 2011-03-28 16:54:03

The Hypocrite Elite usually tries to spin and everything but their silence on this is deafening.



#7 2011-03-29 15:04:17

I just talked to Denise Medeiros, Wareham's acting library director, who confirms her position is not yet permanent but says "the process is moving forward".

Her evaluation took place in January and TA Andrews has not yet arrived at a decision.



#8 2011-03-29 15:37:33

This is an outrage.  Every citizen of Wareham has been basically lied to.  Ms. Medeiros was held out to us by town officials as the new permanent library director.

The position has been open for 3 years or more now.  This is ridiculous.



#9 2011-05-01 19:37:31


This is getting tedious, Mr. Andrews.



#10 2011-05-01 20:05:30

The people deserve answers.



#11 2011-05-01 20:13:09

GuyIncognito wrote:

The people deserve answers.

The answer is Mr Andrews allowed the review period to lapse and without consulting any selectmen, negotiated the contract himself. For how much? Who the fuck knows.

If you haven't already, meet our new overpaid, under qualified Mayor/Accountant.



#12 2011-05-01 20:33:08

I hadn't heard that.  I imagine that 3 years without a permanent library director was probably going to lead to the loss of the library's certification as well as further exposure of the Hypocrite Elite's already well-known incompetence.  The hypocrites probably realized they had to do something fast.

An interim town accountant should have been appointed by now and the position of town accountant should have been advertised by now.  The DOR already advised the town that allowing the town accountant position to remain unfilled for 6 months led to the town's dismal financial picture, so they have no excuses for letting the position remain open.

In the wake of $919,000 in taxpayer dollars continuing to be unaccounted for almost a month after the problem was discovered, with the budgetary portion of town meeting being postponed due to this incompetence, allowing the town to go without an accountant can't possibly be a good idea.

I would advise all town meeting voters to not approve any new taxes and to not approve any spending measures until the $919,000 is accounted for.


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