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#1 2010-10-27 21:45:17

Viewer Advisory: These images depict conversation of graphic sexuality and may not be suitable for those who've just eaten.
Wareham BOS 2010-10-27 Wed 6-14-12pm
Wareham BOS 2010-10-27 Wed 6-32-38pm
Wareham BOS 2010-10-27 Wed 6-42-38pm

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#2 2010-10-27 22:18:37

I presume the first pic is torres. Who is sitting next to him in the second pic?



#3 2010-10-27 22:19:29

the third pic? it is a good thing that dinner was hours ago.....



#4 2010-10-27 22:50:36

as unattractive as she is, just wait til she opens her mouth....



#5 2010-10-27 22:58:26


$100,000 and over a year and for what?  For some risque photos?  Come on, what happened to all the tin hats' and Bobo's bitching and moaning about how the audit will reveal all kinds of evilness and corruption?!  The tin hats have been screaming their heads off that the audit would reveal all kinds of evil activity and in the end, it was $100,000 to find some naughty pictures.

Yes, naughty pictures need to be kept off of town computers, but come on, $100,000?  Bullshit.  A witchhunt confirmed.  A WITCHHUNT CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!



#6 2010-10-27 22:59:52

The big question now - Will the filfthy scumbag loser tin hats apologize to all of the people they have lied about, dragged through the mud, with all their lies, telling us oh boy, just wait and see, the audit will reveal all kinds of vile power elite conspiracies and in the end, a big fat goose egg.



#7 2010-10-27 23:11:57

slagisDB wrote:

as unattractive as she is, just wait til she opens her mouth....

Careful what you wish for.
Wareham BOS 2010-10-27 Wed 6-42-38pm

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#8 2010-10-27 23:17:43

notalawyer wrote:

I presume the first pic is torres. Who is sitting next to him in the second pic?

Sorry, missed this. His name is Keith Clark, from Global somethingorother, the sub contractor examining the Police Department disks for evil doers, and regular readers of this site.



#9 2010-10-27 23:22:40


The Hypocrite Elite said this audit would reveal massive corruption, evildoing, crimes against humanity, vile power elite bastard money laundering schemes, businesses being run on company computers, and impending space alien invasions.

But in the end - just a bunch of bullshit. 

Mark Oct. 27, 2010 on your calendars, folks.  It's the day the Hypocrite Elite was exposed finally, once and for all, for being completely full of shit.



#10 2010-10-27 23:23:55

Hamatron5000 wrote:

Yes, naughty pictures need to be kept off of town computers, but come on, $100,000?

Roughly 80 naughty images collected from a total of roughly 80 disks.

Chew on that a moment. Our Police Dept, once a robust squad of swinging dicks, has officially flat lined!



#11 2010-10-27 23:35:32


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#12 2010-10-27 23:41:40

Now I can share much more information. The great thing about being old and charming is you can learn a great deal by asking the right questions. The majority of the computers owned and operated by the town are around 11 years old. The hard drives in have been in more than one computer. When a motherboard or system fails, if the hard drive is operational, it will be placed in another unit. What is found on hard drive may not have originated from the person using that computer when the audit happened. Strike 1

80 of 300 computers were audited. It is an obvious now that certain employees or departments were targeted. Nothing of consequence was found. Strike 2

$100,000 divided by 1 picture that was deemed inappropriate = poor financial management.

I also heard Brenda Eckstrom say that if she was at the Clerks window and the person on the other side had just viewed an inappropriate photo, she would be appalled. The problem is, the clerks computer was not audited.

Strike 3 and you are out!



#13 2010-10-27 23:45:48

did they prove who harrased mary ann silvia ,the answer was no, did they prove someone running a business from a town hall computor, the answer no , did they prove someone useing a computor was  xmass shoping during there town hall work maybe yes or maybe no ,they could be takeing a break  and got on the computor on there break , and as far as a  skin expossed a computor looks for skin showed , how about a girl in a swimsuit from sports illustrated read by some one on there lunch,    and how come they did not read sanenguits computor  ,how come this snake did not get his computor  read ,boy what a fairness issue is this.

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#14 2010-10-27 23:49:58

dr jone s ,eddie packuvitch lynn burroughs ,alen slavin and the other assholes from take wareham backward they nwere all here at town hall meeting.



#15 2010-10-28 00:04:09

Only 80 of the town's 300 town computers audited.  What conclusion is there other than this was nothing more than a witch hunt?  Politicians flushing taxpayer dollars down the toilet as part of their neverending vendettas.

The Hypocrite Elite swore up and down that this audit would reveal untold tales of evil and corruption and in the end - nothing.  .



#16 2010-10-28 00:23:11

Hamatron5000 wrote:

Only 80 of the town's 300 town computers audited.  What conclusion is there other than this was nothing more than a witch hunt?  Politicians flushing taxpayer dollars down the toilet as part of their neverending vendettas.

The Hypocrite Elite swore up and down that this audit would reveal untold tales of evil and corruption and in the end - nothing.  .

I have to agree that there was corruption.  The officials that excersized their abuse of power and the use of unappropriated tax dollars to witch hunt for evidence all on suspect that an employee blogged and hurt another employees feelings.  That is clearly abuse of power and the officials should be held accountable.

I will say one thing.  If I heard attorney Torres right, the ladies in town hall got some class shopping at Victoria's Secret.  That's my brand.  You go girls !



#17 2010-10-28 00:39:00

Ham.I know I've bumped this "toon" before..but (in it) you had the results of the the audit pegged over 16 months ago. Just think of all the money the taxpayer's would have saved had Torres just watched your "Sweet Brucey and Friends" episodes! And what's with having the results at a "quickie" BoS meeting when most folks who give a shit are..y'know..getting home from work and trying to get over to Town Meeting on time? Is that transparency? 80K (or whatever) doesn't buy what it used to..

Imagine, as say..Article 92 at Town Meeting..."I move favorable action to appropriate Eighty Thousand Dollars ($80,000) to "audit" Eighty (80) out of three hundred (300) town owned determine if anyone had ever viewed nudey photos and/or visited online gambling, or Bill Whitehouse's, website's at any time, or to do or act in any manner relative thereto."

How do you think that would've gone over??

Hamatron5000 wrote:

Sweet Brucey and Friends - Episode 3 - You Dirty Rat, See?


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#18 2010-10-28 01:32:36

Yes P-SPAN, finally, the titty watching poker playing ring of masterbating gamblers that have a stranglehold on our fair community have been brought to justice.

Just one question - where the boobs they found on the computers bigger than the ones that were in office on the previous BOS?



#19 2010-10-28 07:37:39

Next time you want to piss away $100,000.00 for a shitty investigation, let me know. I have a lot of assholes I am aware of that will be glad to rape you and take your money and produce a joke of a report that a 10 year old student could have submitted.

What a joke! Coupled with the IG report on MM, it is indeed earth shattering!

If I was on the BOS, I'd be demanding money back. I'd want to see documentation of all work performed, broken down by the the hour and cost per hour. Not that I would imply that some half assed lawyer out of Town would deliberately pad the expenses to the Town of Hicks.



#20 2010-10-28 07:58:26

This quote is so much funnier now:

By: robertslager on 7/26/09
I was told, off the record, that the audit will result in "life-changing" repercussions for many people. That's all I can say about it right now.



#21 2010-10-28 08:19:42

..such a douche..



#22 2010-10-28 09:25:22

I think it is life changing....for the WTF and his WTF businesses.

Lack of evidence, salacious accusations, implied criminality from WTF resulted in NOTHING!

Demand your money back...or at least some of it.

Fine the attorney for every day you don't receive the rest of the report.

How abut $1,00.00 per day? Think you'll get it then?

Definitely BREAK DOWN the hours worked and the charges for those billable hours.



#23 2010-10-28 10:15:47

Life changing bobo ????   Ha lol



#24 2010-10-28 10:16:24

Life changing bobo ????   Ha lol



#25 2010-10-28 10:58:39

Word has it that the power elite had their expert IT guys swoop in and delete all the life changing results before the sneaky overspending saviors of wareham could react. This could be the only explanation because bobo almighty is never wrong!
Maybe they will have a lawyer explain why the leadership did not consult the director of it and save the town serious money. This has to rank high on the list of poor financial decisions and reinforces why two of the selectmen or former selectmen.



#26 2010-10-28 11:19:34

I understand there is a famous (infamous??) fine tooth comb used for the Wareham computer audit now on ebay. Oops, make sure you don't make a bid on it while working for the town.

My understanding is that the "search" on the computers went back to 2005. So keep that in mind when you hear about the exact numbers of nude pics and the exact numbers of porn pics get published.

I'm hoping PSpan will get the video up. But I got the numbers from someone in the room who wrote them down. Considering the number of work days and work hours included in such a long span of time....well you get it. The numbers were surprising low to me.

Also, the recommendations were to 1. tighten up the computer use policy and 2. install that cheapie software that should have been done instead of spending tons of taxpayer dollars on this witch hunt. Dare I say DUH?????

Oh, and someone might want to remind Mr. Sanguinet that he should NEVER have sent out that memo the previous December asking town employees to take their personal email stuff off the town server because it was getting too full. Yeah, I've got a copy as does every department head at the time. What a joke. A computer policy was already in place yet the acting TA doesn't send a memo saying NO ONE SHOULD USE TOWN COMPUTERS FOR PERSONAL USE. Nope. He asks them to clear the stuff off the town's servers..................hmmmm. I wonder if Torres got a copy.

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#27 2010-10-28 11:28:03

Computer audit called 'distressing'

By Steve Decosta
October 28, 2010 12:00 AM

WAREHAM ó A review of the audit of 67 town-owned owned computers begun 17 months ago shows that "the amount of time on non-work-related websites is excessive," attorney Steven Torres said after reporting his findings to selectmen Wednesday.

But many of the numbers he presented didn't seem to match his dire statement and at least one selectman expressed relief that the data showed less abuse than had been feared.

"It's very distressing to find that we had any hits at all," selectmen Chairman Jane Donahue said. "It's very distressing that people are spending any workplace time as the record shows."

But "it is a relief there is not more abuse than there is," she said.

Selectmen launched the computer audit in May 2009, hiring Global Digital Forensics to copy and analyze the hard drives of 84 town-owned computers. Torres was hired in June to assess GDF's findings.

"The results of the computer audit clearly show a pattern of usage by multiple users of town computers that violates the Internet use policy," Torres wrote in his report. He said he reviewed the drives to determine the amount of time spent on non-work-related websites for shopping, gaming or pornography and for the existence of inappropriate or sexually explicit images.

"There are clearly a lot of people spending a lot of time in places where they don't belong," Torres said, citing such sites as MySpace, Facebook,, and

The "executive summary" he presented to selectmen, however, doesn't detail the number of people who visited inappropriate websites or the amount of time spent on them.

Asked about his finding of inappropriate or sexually explicit images, Torres said, "the raw number I have now indicate that 15 percent of computer disks had inappropriate images on them."

Torres, who serves as Fall River's corporation counsel, said he has presented his specific figures on abuse to Town Administrator Mark Andrews. "The town administrator has a full report, identifying by machine and individual the number of non-work-related sites we were able to identify that people had visited."

Torres said he has scheduled a meeting with Andrews to review the data, after which the town administrator would "issue corrective action letters" and make sure the town's Internet policy is adhered to in the future.

Keith Clark of the Dover, N.H.-based IT firm Networks At Home, told the board his firm had conducted a less exhaustive review of 17 Police Department computers, overseen at all times by a department representative to protect sensitive information. That review of 16 hard drives (one was damaged beyond repair) involved only Internet word searches.

"We searched for the word 'sex,'" Clark said, and found that, from 2005 through 2009, it came up 79 times. A search for "porn" in the same time period uncovered just two hits.

"If I was a police officer and I was looking for Level 3 sex offenders, the word sex would have been found in a word search of my computer," Selectman Stephen Holmes said. "That could all be related to ongoing investigations."

While the selectmen never have said what they were looking for when ordering the computer audit last year, the minutes of a May 26 executive session, later ruled improper by the Plymouth County district attorney, listed six reasons, including the scope of blogging on an anti-selectmen website, the possibility of outside businesses being run on town computers and the possibility of double logs being kept by the Police Department.

The review did not address the issues of outside businesses or the police log. The Police Department computers had accessed 200 times.

In receiving Torres and Clark's reports, Donahue and Andrews vowed to "take the proper action" after review of the detailed material.

Selectmen authorized a $7,500 payment to Torres in June to compile a report based on GDF's findings, and his report has been delayed on several occasions. In addition to the payment authorized to Torres, the audit, which some critics have labeled a witch hunt, has cost the town more than $58,000.

The town has been billed $46,000 by GDF, $10,103 by town counsel Kopelman & Paige for work related to the audit, and $1,898 by Yunits Associates of Brockton, which represented the town before in grand jury proceedings conducted by the Plymouth County district attorney.

Neither Andrews nor Clark would reveal the amount being paid to Networks At Home. "They're still working with us," Andrews said.

Since the audit was initiated in May 2009, the town has blocked computer access to 13 websites, Andrews said.

On Friday, May 22, 2009, the day before the long Memorial Day weekend, with most town employees on a mandated work furlough, a team of computer experts from GDF copied the hard drives of most town-owned computers.

Others, including those at the Wareham Free Library, Municipal Maintenance Department and sewage treatment plant, were copied shortly thereafter.

After at least two town departments complained, the District Attorney's Office seized the disks and conducted a grand jury investigation, although the office never revealed what it was looking for on the disks. The disks were returned to the town in March.



#28 2010-10-28 11:44:54

Bobo's greatest hits...

By: robertslager on 6/28/09
On a different note, I do think the selectmen need to start releasing more information about the audit soon. I understand why they would want to be thorough and protect the town legally as much as possible, but their relative silence is allowing the opposing to fill the void with all sorts of ridiculous claims.

By: robertslager on 6/28/09
I asked Sauvageau about that last week when I called him for comment on the library trustee story. The selectmen might release the audit reports in stages because of the tremendous amount of information now being reviewed.

By: robertslager on 6/28/09
He wouldn't say much more than that. It's a little frustrating for me as a reporter. I would like more specific information, but I do understand the scope of this audit and the ramifications it will most certainly have. Selectmen are obviously being very cautious to make sure their report is air-tight with specific evidence.

By: robertslager on 6/28/09
I don't think the DA is involved yet because not all the information has been released yet. This audit is just one step in what will certainly be a far bigger investigation.

By: robertslager on 7/26/09
I will say I am troubled that the results of the audit are taking this long. I've been told it's because K&P is going through the results with a fine-tooth comb.

By: robertslager on 7/26/09
I was told, off the record, that the audit will result in "life-changing" repercussions for many people. That's all I can say about it right now.



#29 2010-10-28 11:53:25





#30 2010-10-28 12:42:20

Ham wrOte:

Just one question - where the boobs they found on the computers bigger than the ones that were in office on the previous BOS?

So I decided to check with an expert.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall
who are the biggest boobs in town hall?

there's Brucie & Cronie
But they're on the outs
We know who'll be next
Of that there's no doubt

There's Janie the Weasel
And Bren-duh the mouth
Right after next April
They're both headin' south

And, yes there's another
It is he I can't name
He tripped on his beard
overeaching for fame

And therefore I say
to ev'ry Tom, Dick & Bob
Get rid of the boobs

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#31 2010-10-28 13:07:20

Get your money back NOW!

Tell the lawyer you will sue his ass. If he doesn't like it, sue his ass.

Incompetent asshole. Not my opinion, fact. Sue me, asshole.

After I remove your license to practice when the Mass. Bar Board of Overseers discovers that you are a fraud, you will be lucky to sell bubblegum on Main St. (Make sure you get a vendor's license, numb-nuts.).

What a totally incompetent joke.



#32 2010-10-28 14:02:20

to answer nora's ?.... they info read on the disks was from 2003-2009



#33 2010-10-28 17:51:11

I hope someone calls the TA or their members of the BOS and tell them to hold up final payment to this asshole.

Why get screwed twice by the same idiot?

I have a 400 page investigation I did for the County I live in. I charged them $2500.00. Because I am stupid? Maybe. Mostly because it is government and I have always lowered my prices for government. I am paying for it!

It took me 7 working days. I am not a pig. I did it on my own, used the client'ts computer equipment, and finished it in a reasonable time.

Ever hear of that, asshole?



#34 2010-10-28 21:40:56

Dan, imagine - you did what you were paid for in a timely manner? This whole damn thing is beyond pathetic at this point.  This would be considered fraud, waste and abuse!  This report, from what I can tell has only revealed  that workers have made mild infractions by surfing the web during company time.  Reprimand those people with a letter in their file and move on.  For those that made more serious infractions of downloading pornography then reprimand, suspend or fire them. 

This whole damn thing began with a racial slur.  Did we find out who "said" it?  It was then claimed to be widened to running personal businesses.  Who is running their bussiness on town computers?  Anyone? 

Slager, Savengeau and their cult have stirred this pot that was supposed to have life altering revelations.  It has cost us too damn much money.  If nothing else is revealed than I want my money back and anyone who had a hand in this audit to be fired and fined to pay the fee for the audit.  I am done with this damn issue. 

Many accusations, insinuations and allegations have been made against too many people of this town concerning this audit.  The fact that none of the initial allegations were found it should be crystal clear to every member of this town and anyone else that this audit was nothing more than a personal vendetta that we taxpayers paid for.

When nothing is found to support "their" allegations they will now claim things are being swept under the rug.  How about not copying everyones computers.  Like I have said before, people are nervous, just not the one's that bobo and his cult thought.  They are now even more worried that if their computers are copied then the results will THEN be earth shattering. 

Just think about this for a moment:  The police officers are surfing Facebook.  Why would they do that?  Could it be to obtain info on people who they may have gotten leads on?  The audit may reveal that the PD has had numerous hits on porn.  Could it be, as it already has been suggested, that they are getting info on ongoing investigations?  Maybe I watch too much CSI, but those are plausible reasons to me.  I am not giving a free pass to any town employee for downloading porn, but we can not have a knee jerk reaction to these results.  So what the word observer was hit 210 times.  If this website had 200 hits, then what, the fake observer website had 10 hits?  I really do thank God that Slager is not a detective.  He would suck at that as much as he sucks as a "journalist"!

And just one more thing from Bobo's site:
RS: "But many of the numbers he presented didn't seem to match his dire statement?" Is that a statement of fact or a personal opinion? It's actually an opinion which isn't based on any facts whatsoever. I read the entire executive summary. THERE WERE NO RAW NUMBERS PRESENTED! There is only a summary of overall computer misuse. The raw numbers are in a report that Andrews has under lock and key.

The Standard-Times outright lied once again. How could the Standard-Times put a subjective viewpoint into a news story based on an absolute fallacy.

It Steve DeCosta actually wrote that (his editor may have put that in) he is a disgrace to journalism.

Does Bobo realize he just described  himself????  Everything he writes is distorted to HIS opinion.  I want an answer from our Town leaders why they are allowing him, Bruce and the rest of that laughable club to have any influence on our town in such a negative, malicious and misleading way?  Allegations have been made that could destroy many peoples reputations by that club.  Enough is enough already.  Spreading mistruths, lies and rumors does not make you a journalist.



#35 2010-10-28 23:00:25

Bosoxx wrote:

This whole damn thing began with a racial slur.

(For those just joining us, Wareham Courier Editor David R. Smith wrote an editorial  a year ago April describing as a "dartboard".*)

Read the thread below in its brief entirety and tell me again it all began with a racial slur.

2009-04-24 23:06:50
Posted by billw

*Shout if the Wareham Courier deletes the link. I kept copies.

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#36 2010-11-02 17:01:41

What a waste of money, could have been put to a much better use!



#37 2010-11-03 22:15:27

Thought I would just bring up one more point to this whole fiasco.  Pornography has no place in the workplace (ofcourse excluding pornography workplaces).  A calendar of half dressed firefighters to half dressed lingure models are subjective to the viewer.  They are extremely different (IMO) than a picture of two consenting adults engaging in sexual acts.  Some people are offended by Victoria Secret catalogs.  Again, all in the eye of the beholder.  I do not know what images were found on any town owned computers.

But one thing I will not allow is Slager or anyone from his cult to be the moral compass of this town.  In Slagers Jeers section he stated: "Some people will never understand that pornography isnít a joke to a lot of women ..."  They have also spoke about the ill effects that pornography has on families while using this as a scare tactic that it will harm children inadvertantly.  They are using this as a scare tactic and trying to be the morale police now.

  How can he speak for "a lot of woman"?  I have to wonder if Slager knows this because he may be a woman? It is the only logical conclusion I can come to.  How else does he know how "a lot of woman" feel?  Does he have inside sources that he will never name due to his word of protecting his sources?



#38 2010-11-03 23:21:29

He has two anonymous sources that have told him what's it like to be a woman. He will not reveal their names but they might be paula shooter and paulette shooter



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