#1 2010-08-05 19:48:07

Good evening my friends,

Now, you may think that the ol' Nota has lost his few remaining neurons. But, you need to think with me for a moment.

It's August. Not much happening on the political front. Oh, some reprobates have formed a PAC  - big Whoop. while the "we are not a group" group are trying to sort out north-south-east & west vis-a-vis forward, most people are at the beach. So, in the spirit of the just completed Tour de France, let's call August the Prologue.

Then. Labor Day. Back at it. It begins. Candidates need to emerge. Organization needs attention. fund-raising. And, in the middle of all that - Town Meeting. This spans three months, from early September thru early December. The balance of December, you may recall, is impacted by those pesky holidays. Let's see, there's Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, and of course Festus (Seinfeld). In other words, most of December is useless, politically.

but, after the first of the year, the race really cranks up. Sort of like the Peloton near the end of one of the stages at the Tour de France. That means that candidates HAVE to be in place, organized, funded. Here, it is only three short months to election day.

Add it up. Three months this fall, plus three months next year = SIX months. Not very long.

You know that THEY are already at it. You know that they have lotsa experience. And yes, three were retired last April due to ill health.....the voters were sick of them. but, you CANNOT, you MUST NOT get complacent. It is imperative to start ASAP on the job to be done in April.

Three Down

Three to go!  Three? you betcha!

the Brenduh-zela.


And.....and.....and (wait for it)  the BoBo.

Remove the vestiges of the old regime and the Halifax Harlot will wither and blow away.

what could be better?

April, 2010-----a terrific start

April, 2011-----FINISH THE JOB!





#2 2010-08-05 20:12:08

Festivus for the rest of us




#3 2010-08-05 20:24:02

Nota is the Man!!



#4 2010-08-05 21:55:36

Ham of Peace here. 

I agree with Nota.  I think we need to take the hard work that de-throned Sweet Brucey as Supreme Overlord of the People's Republic of Wareham and repeat it twice as hard next year.  The people of Wareham spoke loud and clear in this year's election and the message was that the douchey ways of the Hypocrite Elite have been rejected.  Hence, it makes no sense that two Hypocrite Elite holdovers are gumming up the works. 

Take the hard work of this year and repeat it and Wareham will once and for all be free of Hypocrite Elite rule.



#5 2010-08-05 21:56:54

Festus ?????


Told you that the  number of functioning neurons is declining. And we don't even want to talk about synapses.

Thanks, P-span, for looking out for the old guy.

Now, where is that aluminum pole,  I just had it a minute ago.......



#6 2010-08-05 23:16:44

I agree that you have to start now to pull together some qualified candidates to ensure the removal of the last two incompetents that have to be removed.
They hated the slogan Take Back Wareham. The SLOGAN.
Someone mentioned recently it is important to find another rallying cry, another slogan. Some people mentioned some ideas. I still like Save Wareham, but who am I?
I do believe it is important and it has to be simple and to the point. There are many reasons why when people ask what you mean by saving Wareham.
I hope others offer some other ideas, and soon you implement the next phase of restoring decent government in Wareham.
Don't think the PAC ( I will call them the "pack", because that's what they act like. A pack of confused wolves looking for a leader )won't be spending a lot of money to re-elect the last two.
Lots of interesting times ahead.
Save Wareham!



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