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#1 2009-10-03 06:55:26

Realizing the Warrant Articles and Town Meeting should be the focus. I think it's important to pay attention to the storm on the horizon. I hope the Chairman of the CRC, or anyone else, addresses a few of these concerns, at any time, be it a meeting sponsored by our elected officials, or whenever.

Town Clerk: Issues have been raised about the fact that the Town Clerk, Mary Ann Silva, is also on the CRC. It has been stated that her inclusion on the committee is inappropriate because an elected official should not be a part of the process due to potential bias, as decisions being discussed and determined can effect the position which she holds.

Missing member: They have been functioning, essentially from the start, without the full complement of committee members. After being absent from the first meeting, it is stated at the second meeting that Larry Gaines had to resign from the committee. They have never filled that vacancy.

No review at any point of the Current Charter, as reflected in the public record, none: There are only references that the committee members had read and reviewed them on their own. The decision was made to change the form of government (and I feel like Iím giving them some, here) at the first meeting, as reflected in the 3/12/09 meeting minutes, when reference was made of a newspaper article in the Brockton Enterprise. (check the minutes)

Seeming ignorance of, or intentional effort to disregard, MGL and Open Meeting Law, as required by their appointment, in regards to the videotaping of a public meeting, which is a protected right of any citizen.

Less than adequate postings on the Townís websites of Public Records: Aside from the informational pieces (not public records) put out in the papers and posted on the Townís website, for what I view as essentially PR, the posting of meeting minutes saw a gap of over three months when they were unavailable. And, it is still missing a few. Technically, they may not be required to post them, at all maybe, but it doesnít speak to their openness.

So, from my vantage point of the process thus far, Iíd say Iím leaning toward NOT supporting this attempt at governmental reform. But, thatís just me.


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#2 2009-10-03 08:42:26

Well done, little brother. You say that on Town Meeting Floor and the whole ridiculous concept of the Mayor form of government will go down the toilet where it belongs.



#3 2009-10-03 09:06:25

Fantastic information. Keep in mind that this won't come before us until April town meeting since there is no warrant article on the October warrant. But even with that in mind, we must keep vigilant.

All of the items mentioned by PShooter above should be addressed by our town officials NOW. So keeping it front and center is a good thing.

Thanks P for your comments and taking the time to tape the meeting. If or since the minutes aren't available, then taping and posting seems to be the only way the public will have access to an officially appointed town committee.



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