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#1 2009-09-27 02:06:21

Since they finally updated the minutes on the Town's website, I decided to put the "animated minutes" I did previously, along with the new ones, here on one thread.

It looks like they still haven't posted any minutes from meeting dates: 6/25, 8/13, 9/10 & 9/24. I believe they had meetings on all of those dates. The last one or two, obviously, some time is needed to get them posted. But the three month period, when there were no updates, and the still missing minutes, is a pretty poor showing. If you listen through some of these, and I hope you will, notice how much talk there is about getting the word out to the public. The record would indicate that has not been the case.

The original thread was What a Mayoral Gov't in Wareham will look like

These are intended to be identical in content to the minutes posted on the Town's website, which can be found at: … rterReview

Charter Minutes 03/12/2009

Charter Minutes 03/26/2009

Charter Minutes 04/09/2009

Charter Minutes 04/23/2009 (Parts 1 & 2)

Charter Minutes 05/14/2009 (Parts 1 & 2)

Charter Minutes 05/28/2009

Charter Minutes 06/11/2009


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Charter Minutes 7/9/09




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Charter Minutes 7/23/09




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Charter Minutes 8/27/09

Audio for the first part of this meeting can be found at: Charter Review Mtg. 8/27/09

Charter Review Mtg. 9/24/09 Full Video


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Tres bien, mon ami!



#6 2009-10-16 16:57:49

I'll try to get these "animated" and posted soon (in case you care), but I wanted to comment on this. This one's a little special for me. not only is it an update of meeting minutes that are posted on the Town's website (finally, at least four are still missing), but it's the one I videotaped. A few interesting twists in the public record from the real events.

Mary Ann Silva (Town Clerk/CRC committee member/clerk):

The Chairman recognized that there were two guests present.  He indicated some concern as one guest had setup a video camera and had not, as a courtesy, notified the chairman as to his intent.  The Chairman voiced his concern regarding the taping of volunteers and the eventual use of the videotape following the meeting.  It was openly discussed and concern was shared by the members present.  At that point, the gentleman stated the statute and a member of the committee did have a copy of the open meeting law in his possession.  He then read the chapter to which the gentleman was referring, ‘A meeting of a governmental body may be recorded by any person in attendance by means of a tape recorder or any other means of sonic reproduction or by means of videotape equipment fixed in one or more designated locations determined by the governmental body except when a meeting is held in executive session; provided, that in such recording there is no active interference with the conduct of the meeting.’  The Chairman asked if all members were “Okay” with this, but stated he was concerned about individuals’ rights and a few members stated concerns with being videotaped and where the video would end up.  The gentleman then stated maybe he could change the angle of the camera, as the Clerk was uncomfortable having it pointed directly in her direction.  The gentleman then voluntarily moved to the rear of the meeting room and the members were in agreement.

A couple of things...
I walked into the room, stated I'd be taping the meeting, to which Mrs. Silva said, "I don't think so", or "No your not", or something. I THEN said I would be, and quoted the relevant MGL. About twenty minutes or so passed before Alan Slavin showed up. the meeting began (and the video began). Prior to Alan's arrival they seemed quite agitated. Ed P, in particular went outside, had a smoke and was on his cell (probably calling Brenda to tell her to get her ass down there, the bad guys are at it again - my take). Brenda showed up late (check the tape). I also believe they used this time to look up/access the open meeting law (great idea guys, glad I could help bring to your attention that which you're supposed to be aware of)...and I don't need anyone's ok, don't you get that yet? I could probably go on, but it's pretty sad that even our public records seem to contain "spin". I guess I should be glad they refer to me as "gentleman".

Charter Minutes 9/24/09 They actually have it dated incorrectly on the Town's site under "Charter Minutes 10/08/09" (might want to fix that).

Wareham Charter Review Mtg. 9/24/09




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